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Big Brother 19: Day 21 Recap

Typically you’d expect to see plenty of campaigning when we’re just a couple days away from the live eviction, but since Cody knows this his fate is sealed, he doesn’t have any plans to even give it a try. Since there isn’t any campaigning to worry about, that leaves everyone else to just get their plans for next week ready before the power changes hands at the HOH competition.


12:30 PM BBT: Christmas relayed her conversation with Jessica yesterday to Matt and Raven, saying that she believes that Cody has just chosen Christmas as his scapegoat as to why his game blew up. Matt told Christmas and Raven that at some point, people are going to start taking shots at Paul. Christmas said that both her and Paul know. Matt said that they need to do everything they can to protect Paul. Matt explained that while his goal is to just make it to jury, for those who actually do want to win, Paul is the biggest threat in the house.

12:50 PM BBT: Josh told Dominique that he completely trusts her, Mark, and Christmas because they have all been there for him when he needed them. He said that while he could just talk all day, it’ll be his actions that prove his loyalty to them. Josh ended with saying that in time, he hopes that his actions will earn their trust too. Dominique told him that actions are what she wants to see and that everyone is viewing him in a much better light than what they were the first week.

1:50 PM BBT: Jessica began crying to Cody, saying that she doesn’t feel good, they can’t go outside, they’re stuck in frog costumes, and have to stay on lily pads, which is all on top of Cody going home in a few days. Cody told Jessica that she’s the one facing all the collateral damage from the risks he took, saying that he didn’t take her into consideration when he made the moves that ended up backfiring on them. Cody said that he was selfish and does regret it.

2:30 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that Cody swears that there is going to be a battle back. Paul said that there is no way Cody could know and that even if there was, they’d just send Cody right back out that following week. Josh said that Ramses is starting to get under his skin. Paul said that they should get Ramses out, but Josh said he wanted Jessica out first. Paul said Ramses should go first because he’s a better player than Jessica is.

5:25 PM BBT: Elena asked Dominique if she thinks that Mark actually likes her. Dominique said that while she’s not going to tell Elena everything she knows, she said that Mark does like her. Dominique explained that because Mark likes her so much, a transformation in him is happening. Elena asked Dominique what Mark would do without Dom and what would Elena do with Mark if Mark didn’t have Dominique. Dominique told Elena that Mark doesn’t listen to her anymore, so she told him that she’s done with him. Elena said that Mark better listen to Dominique.

6:05 PM BBT: Matt told Dominique, Elena, and Mark that he’s hoping people realize that the only way they’re going to jury is to either never lose a competition or to work with their group. Matt said that he keeps going back and forth between getting Ramses or Jessica out first. Mark said that he thinks it should be Jessica because she stirs the pot the most, but Dominique said stirring the pot is what Ramses is doing. Matt said that if Jessica doesn’t want to stay in the house, that is when they should get rid of Ramses first. Dominique said that Jessica is going to play it cool and calm, to which Elena said that she’s not here to protect Jessica like she wanted Elena to. Mark said that they can put Jessica and Ramses up together, then make a decision on who to evict before Thursday based on how they each acted through the week.

Matt told Mark that if he feels like he has Jason’s ear, Mark is going to need to keep tabs on Jason daily to make sure that he isn’t lying to them. Matt said that Jason is third on his list, nearly higher than Jessica. Elena said that she feels the same way about Jason.

6:30 PM BBT: Dominique told Mark that since Christmas is fine with being the first out at jury, she asked Mark how he thinks the six of them are going to play out, saying that she personally feels like she’ll be the first targeted out of that six because she doesn’t have a ride-or-die duo within the six. Mark said that he thinks Paul would go after Matt and Raven, but Dominique said that she doesn’t think Paul would go after Raven since she has caught them whispering twice. Dominique said that if Paul’s motive is to help Raven get to the final two, she’s fine with that, citing Raven being $200,000 in medical debt.

6:55 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that it would be lame if Elena won the season. Jason said that he thinks that Elena just wants to make it to jury. Alex said that it’s sad so many people just want to make it to jury because they’re lazy and don’t want to work for a few months. Alex told Jason that Christmas is going to skate by with a broken foot even though she can’t play. Alex added that she wants Christmas out, but said that she believes Paul is wanting to keep her, but said that Christmas has been pushing to get Jason out.

7:35 PM BBT: Raven told Christmas that her order for who she wants out is Jessica, Ramses, Jason, Josh, then Kevin. Christmas said that she knows they never made an official alliance, but wanted to know if they’re a solid 7. Matt said that as far as he’s concerned, they are.

8:10 PM BBT: Raven told Matt that she doesn’t know why people are wanting to get rid of Ramses next week when nobody likes him, which ensures he can’t hold any sway. Matt said that he’s not sure if people are threatened by Ramses or they are just getting annoyed with how he’s played the game.

9:20 PM BBT: Kevin asked Alex who she was going to put up. Alex said that they’re going to have to follow the plan and nominate Jessica and Ramses. Jason said that Paul’s group just wants them to follow the plan so that the three of them will keep getting weaker. Kevin asked if he’s more on the other side of the house than theirs, to which Jason and Alex both said yes. Kevin questioned why they wouldn’t put powerful people up. Alex said that they wouldn’t have the numbers to support a move like that. Kevin said that if Paul’s group is going to put them up, they should put that group up.

9:30 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that Kevin is changing the way he treats them, saying that he is getting aggressive towards both Ramses and her. Alex added that she doesn’t know if Kevin is getting comfortable with Paul’s side or is just getting paranoid. Alex said that they need to get Christmas away from Paul because then they’d be able to work with him, saying that she believes Paul would take them to the final six.

9:40 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that Paul’s group would have a heart attack if they put Raven and Elena up since neither one of them would win veto, adding that if one of them was taken down, they could put Matt up as the replacement. Kevin told Jason that he’s going to be a target regardless, so he might as well take a shot at the main group. Kevin said that the only four people he won’t put up are Jason, Paul, Alex, and Mark.

12:25 AM BBT: Mark told Paul that he wants Jessica out before Ramses because of how fake she is. Paul said that Ramses is a better competitor, so it would be a better move to take him out first. Paul told Elena and Mark that Christmas is starting to feel empathetic towards Jessica, which he said was Jessica’s game plan all along. Mark said that Christmas and Jessica were just yelling at each other the other day, but Paul told him that Christmas and Jessica have since had a conversation in private that they don’t know what was said in. Mark said the hypocrisy with Christmas is what pisses him off more than anything. Paul told them that when he told Christmas that the Big Brother house wasn’t an environment to let a foot heal in and not worth risking her real life career, she took it the wrong way, so Paul said he’s not ever bringing up Christmas’ injury again.

12:40 AM BBT: Christmas told Dominique, Mark, and Paul that she believes Kevin is on board with the majority of what they’re doing, but said that Kevin doesn’t feel included in the group. Paul questioned what she suggests they do, to which Christmas said that they should start hearing Kevin’s input on things.

12:40 AM BBT: Jason question Josh as to what they’re doing next week if they get HOH. Josh said that the house is united, so they can take a shot at Jessica and Ramses. Jason said that the house being united is stupid, with Josh saying that it’s not stupid, but that the numbers aren’t as closely together as they think. Josh explained that the numbers from the big group are going to eventually split up because of how quickly things are changing in the house. Josh said that he trusts Christmas, but Jason said that Christmas hates his guts. Josh said that he also trusts Paul and Alex. Jason told Josh that Alex is pissed at him, so he’s going to have to do her a solid. Josh said that he was never going to nominate or vote to evict Alex. Jason questioned when they’re going to start voting the girls out, to which Josh said once they get Ramses and Jessica out, which is when Josh said that the game will really start.

1:05 AM BBT: Ramses, Alex, and Jason compare notes on Kevin. Full recap of those conversations can be found by clicking here

2:00 AM BBT: Josh told Mark that he feels like he has nobody to trust in the house. Mark said that he has nothing to worry about and promised Josh that if it comes down to the two of them in the next HOH competition, he would throw it to him. Mark added that if he did throw it to Josh, he wanted reassurances from Josh that he wouldn’t target him or Elena, but also said that he wants Jessica out next. Josh told Mark that the only people he really trusts are Paul, Christmas, Dominique, and Mark.

2:40 AM BBT: Josh began talking to the cameras. Josh said that he feels alone in the game, saying that he can’t really trust anyone in the house, but said that he does have some trust in Christmas, Paul, Dominique, and Mark. He said that while Matt might be apart of that overall alliance, he doesn’t trust him and said that Matt would be his first target once they make it to jury. Josh said that he likes Raven personally, but wants her out with Matt. He said that he likes Elena, but doesn’t trust her and would only vote to evict her if he had to.

Josh said that he trusts and wants to work with Jason, but said that Jason has been screwing up his own game, but said that he doesn’t trust Alex. Josh said that he doesn’t want to hand anyone the $500,000 and said that he really wants to shake up the house.

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