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Big Brother 19: Day 19 Recap

Since it’s the day after the veto competition, today is an off day that’ll be spent almost entirely about the plan going into next week, as this week’s plan is all but completely set in stone. It’s also very likely we’ll see Cody try to set Jessica up to move forward without him. The biggest story of the day is likely to be if Alex will be able to maintain her alliance with Jason or will she cut him loose.


9:35 AM BBT: Mark told Dominique that his relationship with Elena isn’t good for him right now because of how vulnerable he is. Mark said that the real him doesn’t try to charm someone this long after it’s not being reciprocated. Mark told Dominique that as soon as they get to jury, he wants to get rid of Elena because he doesn’t trust her and says that she’s so fake when it comes to her relationship with Paul. Dominique told Mark that Elena is also very tight with Matt and Raven.

10:30 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that the other side of the house is starting to think that Kevin is the one who voted out Jillian, not Ramses. Jason told her that they’re just trying to be broken up by sowing distrust by trying to pin the blame on Kevin.

10:35 AM BBT: Alex told Cody that she was put on the block because she wasn’t going to be a vote against him and will be left on the block at the veto meeting for that same reason. Cody told her that she doesn’t have anything to worry about since he knows everyone is going to take him out this week. Cody told Jason and Alex that everyone thinks the guys are going to be the targets, so what they should do is go after the guys’ hearts by taking out their women. Cody added that he’ll be able to beat those who they take out in the battle back, so he said they should keep that in mind.

10:45 AM BBT: Matt told Raven that he’s starting to like Alex, stating that she’ll be able to work on Jason for them. Alex agreed, but said that Jason is a wildcard. Matt said he’ll have a talk with Jason and tell him that if any of them win HOH, he’ll be safe as long as he promises to put up Ramses and Jessica.

10:50 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that Cody is trying to use them so that they can take out all the girls and he can win the battle back easier. Jason said that Cody could beat the guys too, but Alex said Cody wants the easy path and they’ll be doing his dirty work by getting out the girls.

Alex told Jason that the only way he’s going to beat these people is if you play their game and beat them at it by smiling and kissing their ass when he needs to. Jason refused, saying he isn’t kissing anyone’s ass. Alex said that she’s starting to be trusted, so all they need to do is keep their head down and last long enough to start sowing confusion within Paul’s group and hopefully take it over.

11:20 AM BBT: Alex told Raven that Cody is hoping that all the girls get taken out so that he has an easier time winning the battle back.

11:35 AM BBT: Raven told Matt about Alex saying Cody wants all he girls gone so that he can beat them in the battle back. Matt asked if Cody wants the girls evicted even if one of them is his girlfriend. Raven said apparently so.

12:45 AM BBT: Josh began talking to the cameras while in a room alone. He said that he completely trusts Paul and Christmas and has a loyalty to Kevin and Jason. He said that his strategy moving forward is to lay low and make it to jury. Josh said that he has realized that he’s always the one talking game with people while they never give him anything in return, so he said that he’s going to start comparing notes. He said that he isn’t trying to get with the main 7 group, explaining that the moment he gets the chance to cut the showmances, he’s taking that shot. Finally, Josh said that the people who don’t have to worry about him coming after are Paul, Christmas, Dominique, and Jason, but said everyone else is fair game.

1:25 PM BBT: Christmas told Josh that he’s going to need to continue being a floater if he’s to make it to jury. Christmas said that Josh can’t be mad at Ramses, adding that he knows he’s safe with her and the team. Josh said that he does feel really comfortable with her and Paul, but said that he he feels like the outsiders are starting to lean more towards Paul’s group and are going to gun for him soon. Christmas said for Josh to stay close with those outsiders are to make sure they think he’s with them so that doesn’t happen.

Josh asked Christmas who Paul was going to use the veto on, to which Christmas said that it’s definitely going to be used on him. Christmas reminded Josh that he has to try to convince the other side that he’s confused on where his loyalties are and that he’s stuck in the middle.

1:40 PM BBT: Christmas told Elena that she would rather take out one of the boys next. Elena said that it just scares her because if Jessica gets in power, she’s going to be going up.

2:25 PM BBT: Paul told Elena and Mark that if there is a battle back, they need to make it difficult for Cody by having him face Jessica, Jason, and Ramses.

3:10 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that she should do her best in the next HOH competition, saying that he doesn’t think people would be mad if she got power, adding that there would be no real blood on her hands if she targeted Jessica or Ramses.

3:30 PM BBT: Elena told Mark that they know the truth about the vote this week, but said that the other side clearly doesn’t since they’re blaming Ramses. Elena said the other side could trust Ramses if they knew the truth, but since they don’t, they all hate him.

3:50 PM BBT: Christmas told Matt that there is an outsiders alliance being created that consists of Jessica, Ramses, and Jason, adding that out of those three, the strongest competitor is Jason. Christmas told Matt that they need to consider targeting Jason before Jessica. Christmas asked what the smart move for Jessica would be if she were to win HOH. Matt said it would be to get him and Mark nominated, then try to backdoor Paul or Elena. Mark joined Christmas and Matt, telling them that the outsiders are banking on Cody returning via the battle back and is wanting the outsiders to get rid of all the girls so that he has an easier time fighting his way back.

4:05 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas, Matt, and Dominique that Jason said if he were to win HOH, he’d put up Jessica and Ramses. Christmas said that she doesn’t believe that, saying that she believes they need to backdoor Jason. Paul said that they didn’t need to, that they just need to put Ramses and Jessica up, then asking Matt what order he felt should go home. Matt said he thinks Jessica will be useless when Cody is gone, making her a lesser threat. Christmas tried saying that they need to repair relationships with Jason and Ramses, but Paul said that the Ramses situation isn’t something you can repair and that even if they did, he wouldn’t be able to believe Ramses was being genuine.

Dominique told Christmas, Paul, and Matt that she believes Jessica is a bigger threat than Jason and Ramses. Christmas said that Jason is making deals with Cody to protect Jessica and keep Ramses in the house once Cody is gone. Paul told them that he believes Jason knew they were going to get put up on Cody’s reign because the day before the veto meeting, Jason told him that he thought they were getting plotted against.

4:50 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that he trusts Mark more than Matt and that he doesn’t trust Jason at all anymore. Paul agreed that Jason is an idiot, saying that everyone is now grouping Jason together with Cody and Jessica. Paul told Kevin that sometimes it’s better to be out of the loop and that after this week, he’s going to back out and lay low. Paul added that their big group is going to eat themselves alive soon and he can see it coming.

Kevin told Paul that Alex is now with him completely. Paul agreed, saying that he trusts Alex more than anyone else in the house. Kevin said that Alex told him that she’d put up Jessica and Ramses if she were to win HOH. Kevin told Paul that Christmas is a little erratic, to which Paul agreed, saying that she is nuts and is probably going to get evicted soon.

6:15 PM BBT: Jason told Josh that he thought there was a legit plan in place. Josh said that there was and it was to get Cody out. Jason questioned why everyone was acting so weird if that’s the plan. Josh said that Jason should stay away from Cody and just chill. Jason asked who it was who was saying that they can’t talk to Cody and Jessica, but Josh just said that it’s a game, adding that whatever he tells Jason is just being told in hopes of helping him.

6:50 PM BBT: Matt asked Paul who liked Ramses, to which Paul said that it was nobody but Cody and Jessica. Matt asked Paul, Christmas, and Elena what Jason’s plan was. Christmas said that someone could give Jason a plan that was foolproof to win BB and Jason would say he doesn’t trust it. Matt said that he wanted to eliminate whoever had the best chance of winning the next HOH and that is likely Jason. Elena agreed, saying that Jason is going to be her target too.

8:05 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that she could play it safe for the next two weeks until jury or could go out next week, saying that it was up to her. Jessica said that she’d have to win an HOH or POV to make it to jury, but said that she doesn’t know if it’s a good idea for her to win HOH. Cody said that she needs to take what she can get. Jessica said that she feels like it would be a stupid game move for people to evict her next since Paul has so many numbers now, saying that it would be smarter if people evicted Alex.

Jessica told Cody that he needs to pray there is going to be a battle back, adding that she believes Paul is already preparing for a battle back by wanting to get Alex out so that she would have to compete against Cody. Cody said that if Paul’s group really is planning for the battle back, they’re going to want to take out Jason too. Jessica said if she won the HOH and took out Christmas, Christmas would have to forfeit the battle back competition and make it a little bit easier for Cody. Cody said that would be funny, but that she wouldn’t worry who he has to compete against because he’ll be able to take out anyone.

11:40 PM BBT: Ramses told Christmas that he doesn’t want Paul to be so mad at him for the veto competition results that the whole plan changes. Christmas said that she’s pretty certain that wouldn’t happen. Ramses said that it wasn’t his intention to get on Paul’s bad side, saying that if he wasn’t going to throw it veto, he would have just said so. Christmas told him that Big Brother is all about trust and deals, saying that the people that can’t be trusted are booted quickly.

11:55 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that she can’t stand Jessica and that all of a sudden Jessica is trying to be friends with them. Alex said that Ramses is still trying to say it was Kevin who flipped and voted out Jillian, but said that she doesn’t feel like Kevin would lie to them about his vote. Jason, agreed, saying that there was no way Kevin flipped.

Alex told Jason that they’re at the mercy of Paul’s group for the time being and the two of them need to stick together. Alex said that Jason needs to get on board and that Jessica is the only thing standing in his way of being on the same page as everyone else in the house. Jason said he’s done talking to Jessica once Cody’s gone. Alex explained that she’s not even on people’s radars anymore because they all think she’s their friend, so Alex said that is what Jason needs to do too. Alex told Jason that if the vote is anything other than 10-1, Paul’s group will come hunting for him and they’ll assume that he was scheming with Cody to set up the best possible battle back opponents for him.

Alex said that they need to let the group take out who they need to take out, such as Jessica and Ramses, then they should start winning HOHs and taking out their targets. Alex added that jury is their safety net and when they can start attempting big moves.

12:35 AM BBT: Kevin told Jason that Jessica and Ramses will be targeted after Cody leaves, which he said that means they’ll at least be making it to jury. Jason told Kevin that Ramses has been telling people that it was Kevin who voted to keep Christmas.

3:50 AM BBT: Alex told Josh about their plan to just lay low until jury, saying that they need to stick together or else they’ll be picked off. Josh told her that he has plans to call out Cody tomorrow either after or during the veto meeting.

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