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Big Brother 19: Day 17 Recap

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means not only will there be two new nominees on the block, but a new houseguest will be getting this week’s Den of Temptation. We’re going to be in for plenty of game talk as the houseguests talk about the plan and theorize what could happen after the veto competition.


10:10 AM BBT: Paul told Ramses that he should use his curse this week and make himself the third nominee since everyone has agreed to target Cody.

10:15 AM BBT: Christmas told Ramses that she appreciates him being honest with her about his vote. Ramses said that Alex and Jason think that he’s lying about it and actually voted out Jillian.

10:25 AM BBT: Jason told Paul that he feels like the showmances are never going to be broken up. Paul told him that they’re going to be taking one out this week in Jessica and Cody. Paul went on to tell Jason that he doesn’t care how he voted, but said that he tried warning Jason that if he didn’t go with the house, it could bite him in the ass since others do care about how everyone voted.

10:55 AM BBT: Paul told Alex about his talk with Ramses and convincing him to put himself up as the third nominee, which would further their backdoor Cody plan, as it’s another person who wants to win veto and someone who could be used as a failsafe target if all else fails.

12:10 PM BBT: Kevin asked Alex who Paul’s going to put up, but Alex said that Paul doesn’t want her to talk about it. Kevin said that saying that means it’s going to be her. Kevin promised Alex that he’s never going to vote her out and doesn’t care who is up next to her, saying that he’s never again doing what someone else tells him to.

3:00 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that they’re probably going to get the curse this week.

3:05 PM BBT: Raven eavesdropped on Cody and Jessica, hearing the comment that they’re probably going to get the curse since they aren’t liked, which she went and told Paul, Matt, Elena, and Mark, which they believe confirm that Cody and Jessica didn’t get the temptation.

3:15 PM BBT: Ramses asked Paul if he’s going to go for people who are already targeting him like Jessica and Cody. Paul explained that he’s going to backdoor Cody, so he said that if Ramses wanted to use his curse this week of nominating himself as the third nominee, he’d be safe since the entire house is wanting Cody out. Ramses agreed that once he got the curse, he knew this would be the week to use it.

3:35 PM BBT: Jason asked Christmas if she feels like he directly told her that he was going to vote to keep her. Christmas said that she’d answer if he explained himself. Jason said that the entire time he felt like he was giving her body language signals that he didn’t know where his vote would go. Christmas asked why he wouldn’t want to vote to keep her, to which Jason said that she wasn’t a vote for him while Jillian was. Christmas told him that the only thing she was expecting from him was honesty. Jason said that if she’s wanting him to tell the truth, she’s going to have to tell the truth too. Christmas said that she was telling the truth and that she told him that they had the numbers to keep her. Christmas said the new rules going forward are that he isn’t to lie to her. Jason swore that he wouldn’t.

Jason told Christmas that Ramses is full of it, he won the $25,000 the first day, he got bit by the cursed snake, and he’s in everybody’s circle. Jason added that Alex keeps wanting to trust Ramses, which he said that if they’re not on the same page on that, he’s going to have to unhook his wagon from her. Christmas told Jason that he’s going to ask him to do her a solid in the future, she just doesn’t know what it’s going to be yet. Jason said that is fair enough.

3:55 PM BBT: Paul told Ramses that he has touched base with everyone and everyone is on board with getting Cody out this week. Ramses said to him that he told himself that if Paul were to win HOH, that is when he’d put himself up. Ramses warned that if he wins veto and takes himself down, there isn’t going to be a replacement nominee.

5:00 PM BBT: Cody told Alex that he’s hoping fans are revolting because how the newbies have been getting screwed over, but says who knows how the fans feel, adding that they probably hate him. Cody told Alex that Mark said he had to vote with the house, then Cody called Mark a coward. Alex said that Josh is the dumbest person in the world and he’s getting to stay in the house over Cody. Cody told Alex that if he stays, he’s not going to go after the guys like everyone thinks he is, saying that instead he’s going to target Mark’s closest girls, Elena and Dominique.

5:20 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that Alex told him that she will probably go up as a pawn to help get him out.

5:35 PM BBT: Christmas told Paul that she got the temptation and took it. She said that she got to choose who received the curse, revealing that she chose Jessica, Cody, and Ramses. Christmas told him that the temptation gave her the ability to take anyone’s spot in the veto competition. Paul told her that this is perfect because she can take Cody’s spot if he gets chosen.

6:55 PM BBT: Paul nominated Alex and Josh. Ramses put himself on the block as the third nominee as part of his curse from last week.

7:00 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that Paul’s group are cowards for trying to not let him compete in the veto competition. Jessica said that Josh finally got a taste of his own medicine, but Cody told her that it’s all a set up to backdoor him. Cody told Jessica that he wants to call Dominique “Judas” and wants to tell Mark that there is going to be a battle back that he’s going to win and come after the girls he’s closest with.

7:00 PM BBT: Paul told Ramses that he should just sit out at the veto competition because they won’t be able to get Cody out of the house if Ramses were to take himself off the block.

7:05 PM BBT: Ramses told Dominique that he knows he can’t use the veto on himself if he were to win it, but said that he’s scared. Dominique reassured him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about because the entire house wants Cody out.

7:10 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that he believes Christmas got the temptation and asked her if she thinks that Paul is going to ask to team up with them. Alex said yes, but also said that Paul will only do that if Jason is able to shut up and keep himself under control.

7:15 PM BBT: Josh told Elena that he’d pick Matt or Mark to play in the veto if he were to get houseguest’s choice. Elena told him to not even compete in the POV if Cody were to get picked and instead spend his time trying to get into Cody’s head by talking crap.

8:20 PM BBT: It’s revealed that Cody, Jessica, and Jason have to wear frog costumes all week as part of their curse from today’s temptation. They have to hop everywhere they go.

9:15 PM BBT: Cody told Jessica that Paul is running the game and is willing to bet that he wins. Jessica agreed, saying she’s not even mad at Paul for it, she’s mad at everyone else for being so dumb. Jessica asked Cody what he thinks she should do once he’s evicted. Cody told her to be comfortable and talk with Elena and Raven, even if it’s fake on her end.

9:40 PM BBT: Matt told Paul that Ramses seems to know what he needs to do at the veto competition. Paul said that the only way that their plan doesn’t work is if Ramses screws it up. Matt said they’ll learn a lot about Jessica when Cody leaves because he said that she could either fall apart or pull it together. Raven told Paul that Jessica will get into it with him and will go after him once Paul puts up Cody at the veto meeting.

Josh joined them. Paul told Josh that if Cody gets picked to play, he needs to say something to Cody to piss him off. Josh said that he’d go off on Cody. Josh added that he would dedicate his whole Thursday speech on live TV to going off on Cody, but said that he doesn’t still want to be nominated at that time.

10:30 PM BBT: Cody told Josh that Paul’s group made a mistake by getting Ramses to nominate himself since that is one less chip to be drawn when veto players are chosen. Cody added that it just goes to show that they needed a team and to not let him compete in order to take him out. Kevin questioned if Jessica would be targeted by that group next. Cody said he hopes so because keeping Jessica in the house any longer would just be to torture her. Cody asked Kevin to take care of Jessica once he’s gone, to which Kevin agreed.

10:35 PM BBT: Dominque asked Paul who he wants taken off the block if someone from their side wins veto. Paul said that he’d like it to be Alex since she trusted him to be the pawn and that way he could show her that much respect after that. Paul added that if they could make Alex as comfortable as possible, he’d like that. Dominique told Paul that Ramses came to talk to her in private today and said that he was nervous. Paul said that he could tell Ramses that if he messes up their plan, he’d do everything he could to get Ramses out next. Dominique said that Ramses wouldn’t be a target for Cody if Ramses did save himself. Paul agreed, but said that Ramses would still be a target for everyone else in the house.

11:05 PM BBT: Paul told Matt and Raven that they need to keep tabs on Ramses. Matt said that Ramses probably knows that he’s the backup target this week. Paul said he doesn’t think so, stating that Ramses is convinced that Josh is the backup.

11:15 PM BBT: Dominique told Mark that she knows Elena is falling for him like she’s falling for her, but said that Elena knows he’s emotional, she has been massaging that. Dominique explained that Elena is doing whatever it takes to ensure that he doesn’t talk to Dominique. Dominique said that Mark doesn’t have to choose between her or Elena because she’s a lot more mature than Elena is.

Mark told Dominique that Elena said that if she gets the chance and if Jessica is already gone, she’s not going after Ramses, she’s going after Jason. Mark added that he doesn’t trust Elena’s relationship with Ramses, saying that if he gets HOH, he needs to get Ramses out since Jessica isn’t doing anything in the game that’s a threat. Dominique told Matt that she wouldn’t be surprised if Elena just worked it until she needed, then left him to work with Paul. Dominique added that she has seen Elena talking with Paul in private at least three times and said that she believes the conversations were driven by Elena.

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