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Big Brother 19: Day 16 Recap

It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’re in for a wild ride. No matter who ends up being evicted, it’s going to be a blindside to the other group, giving us the potential for plenty of drama once the Head of Household is over and the Live Feeds return!


10:15 AM BBT: Christmas told Matt that Josh cannot read him and because of that, doesn’t know where he stands. She told him that he needs to let Josh know that if one of them get HOH, they’re going to have his back. Matt said he had no problem guaranteeing Josh safety next week since he’s been so much better these last few days. Christmas told him that she and Josh are close enough that she’d say that Josh is her ride or die.

10:20 AM BBT: Josh told Cody that he’s going to have to win veto. Cody asked if people are planning to put him up, to which Cody said he doesn’t know, but that he knows they will at least target him. Josh said he didn’t know who was targeting Cody because people don’t talk game to him, but Cody accused him of lying to him. Josh reminded Cody that he blew up the house and that he was just trying to look out for Cody’s back.

10:25 AM BBT: Christmas told Josh that she spoke to her group individually and they are all happy with him now, saying that even Matt wants to bring him to jury with them all. Christmas explained that she told them all not to lie or over promise things because Josh is her ride or die. Josh told her that he feels good with her, Dominique, and Paul. Christmas said that Matt and Raven are 100% on board with him too. Josh told Christmas that she isn’t going anywhere and has her vote. Josh went on to tell her that Cody just got done grilling him about who is targeting him even though Cody hasn’t spoken any game to him until just the last couple days. Josh told Christmas that there is no way that he could ever vote her out.

Josh told Christmas that Cody is being aggressive and thinks that he has control over them. Christmas said that Cody is a dick and questioned if Josh would really want to work with someone who doesn’t listen or tell him what’s being planned.

11:15 AM BBT: Josh told Matt that he appreciates him, has a lot of respect for him, and is going to be keeping Christmas in the house. Josh asked Matt for his word that he’s not going to come after him because he said the outsiders are going to come after him once he keeps Christmas. Matt gave him his word, saying that it’s clear to him who is trustworthy and who is not.

1:05 PM BBT: Matt told Kevin that he’s voting to keep Christmas because he’s better friends with her and gave Christmas his word. Kevin said that he’s going to be voting to keep Christmas too, saying that they’re all going to see that he was telling the truth the whole time.

1:10 PM BBT: Kevin told Paul that Christmas deserves to keep going

1:15 PM BBT: Josh told Paul that he believes the outsiders are going to turn on him after he votes to evict Jillian. Paul said that they aren’t because it’s going to be a 9-3 vote. Josh reiterated that he’s keeping Christmas, but that he’s going to be screwed moving forward. Paul promised Josh that he’s not going to be screwed because everyone wants Jessica and Cody out, not him. Josh told him that he trusts him and that he doesn’t want to go up as a pawn. Paul promised him that if he gets HOH, Josh will be no where near the block.

1:15 PM BBT: Kevin told Christmas that he has her back and will vote to keep her, adding that the only reason he has been standoffish this week is because he doesn’t like so many people asking him all week.

1:20 PM BBT: Josh told Mark that Mark gave him his word day two, but since then hasn’t spoken any game to him. Josh explained that he wants to move forward together and go far. Mark agreed, saying that Josh has completely turned his game around and everyone has noticed. Josh said that he would be keeping Christmas. Mark promised Josh that he’s not getting screwed over by him, Dominique, Christmas, or any of the other people on their side.

After Josh left the room, Matt joined Mark. Mark told Matt that Cody is starting to really push his buttons because he told Josh that he turned on his alliance to make the game fair again when it comes to the numbers. Matt said that Cody is a scumbag.

1:35 PM BBT: Alex told Jason that they have to maintain their relationship with Josh for the time being because they need his vote and told Jason to stop saying he has Paul’s back because they might need to stab it soon enough.

1:50 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that it’s going to be a very close vote.

1:55 PM BBT: Alex told Jillian that she needs to stay cool and talk to Josh since they’re going to need his number. Jillian said that if she makes it past the eviction, her luck is going to flip and they’ll be on the upswing.

2:05 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin that Matt and Cody are no longer together and that Matt wants Cody out. Kevin said that he has told others that he’s voting out Christmas, but he’s not actually going to do that. Paul said that he believes Kevin.

2:10 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin that it doesn’t really matter who goes home tonight, but said that Paul is going to accuse them of being liars once Christmas goes.

Jason then went to Cody, telling him that it’s going to be a 6-6 vote and that he’s going to have to break the tie. Cody said that he’s hoping it’ll be 7-5 and said that they’ll just have to wait and see with Mark. Cody said that Christmas is happy right now thinking she is going to stay, so Cody said that he can’t wait until the votes are announced.

2:25 PM BBT: Christmas told Dominique, Matt, and Raven that it should be a 9-3 vote, then afterwards Christmas says that it’s going to be game now.

2:50 PM BBT: Josh told the viewers at home that he’s going to be keeping Christmas, but all the outsiders believe that he’s keeping Jillian. He said that Cody is a bigger threat than him and not threatening his game, only everyone else in the house. Josh said that he has built trust with Christmas that has been genuine from his end and is hoping that by voting to keep her tonight, she sees that and they’re able to build more trust. Josh explained that while he trusts Paul and Christmas, he isn’t putting his hands in any body’s game and would make sure he always controls his own fate.

6:45 PM BBT: Jillian is evicted

7:40 PM BBT: Paul won HOH

7:45 PM BBT: Cody told Christmas that he or Jessica will be leaving this week and all they’re wanting to do is spend time together. Christmas said that she respects that and will be nothing but cordial with them.

Once Christmas left, Jessica told Cody that she has gotten blindsided in every aspect of the game, adding that if Paul’s side is wanting to play dirty she is willing to. Cody told her that there isn’t much they can do because they don’t have the numbers anymore.

7:45 PM BBT: Kevin told Ramses that when he watches the tape back and sees that he wasn’t the person who flipped, Ramses will be apologizing.

8:05 PM BBT: Jason told Kevin and Paul that Ramses and Josh are the ones who voted to keep Jillian. Paul told Kevin that he doesn’t care if he was the person who flipped on him. Jason informed Paul about Ramses calling Kevin a snake to Cody.

8:10 PM BBT: Paul told Jessica not to cry, telling her that it’s just a game and that he likes them both on a personal level. Cody told him that it’s the betrayal that has Jessica so upset. Cody went on to swear to Paul that nobody, not even Jessica, knew about his plan to try to get him out. Paul said that he knew that already. Cody asked Paul if he could be there for Jessica when he’s evicted because the girls have all exiled Jessica.

Jason joined after Paul left, telling Jessica that people are saying that it was her that voted to keep Christmas, but Jason said he knows that doesn’t make any sense and that it was actually Josh and Ramses who flipped.

Once Jason left, Josh entered the room, but Cody told Josh to grab his stuff and leave the room because he doesn’t want to talk to him at all. Josh tried speaking, but Cody told him to shut the fuck up. After Josh left, Jessica told Cody that she isn’t going to want to be in the house once he’s gone.

8:20 PM BBT: Paul told Matt, Raven, Dominique, and Elena that he’s going to need two people that he trusts to compete with him in the POV as pawns so that they can pull one of them off and backdoor Cody. Matt asked what would happen if Cody won the veto, to which Paul said the odds of that are slim, but they can talk on it further later. Paul insinuated to Raven and Matt that he’d like them to be his two pawns, but said that if they aren’t comfortable with it, he won’t do it. Matt told him that if that’s the plan, that’s what they’re going to do.

8:30 PM BBT: Alex asked Cody what happened. Cody said that it was Ramses and Josh who flipped. Alex said that Ramses swore on his mom’s life that it wasn’t him, but Cody said that it had to be because he knew from Kevin’s face that it wasn’t him who flipped. Once Alex left, Jessica told Cody that he’s likely to get nominated alongside Alex. Cody said that he thinks Paul might us what he thinks are the strong competitors as pawns.

8:45 PM BBT: Paul told Kevin that Ramses is going to go home soon, but just not next, because Cody is his target. Kevin told Paul that if he knew that Ramses was going to flip, he would have voted Jillian to make it 7-5. Paul told Kevin to keep selling the houseguests bullshit and to not let his emotions get in the way. Kevin said that the two of them are going to go all the way.

9:05 PM BBT: Kevin told Alex that she doesn’t really have to worry about Christmas since she has a broken foot and can’t compete. Alex looked at the camera and called on Josh and Ramses’ family, saying that they’re both disgraces who backstabbed their best friend. Kevin told Alex that he’s willing to vote her way any time that she wants.

9:15 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that Ramses was always going to flip on them because he’s a piece of shit. Josh walked in, but Alex told Josh not to talk to her, turn around, and get away from her. Jason told Alex that she can’t do that, that Paul’s group just got to Josh last and it’s not that big of a deal.

9:25 PM BBT: Kevin told Alex that them two and Jason will never turn on each other. Alex told Kevin that Ramses has the curse and will have to put himself on the block within the next couple weeks. Kevin said that Paul is going to put up Cody and vote him out, not Ramses.

9:50 PM BBT: Christmas told Dominique and Paul that she has to have surgery on Monday because it turns out that her break is one of the worst possible breaks, but said that she’s going to be back later Monday night. Christmas said that she’s going to have to get pins in her foot, be in a cast for four months, with a six month total recovery time, but Christmas told Paul that she’s still going to be in the house and he has her vote this week.

10:10 PM BBT: Josh told Jessica that he had genuine conversations with her. Jessica said that then he should just play his game because she doesn’t have anything to say to him. Jessica went on to say that he sounds like a little girl when he talks about nobody talking game with him, adding that everyone in the house talks crap about wanting him out. Jessica said that people are watching and that Josh will be held accountable when he gets outside of the house. Josh told Jessica not to call him a bitch or a little girl when he hasn’t said anything bad about her. Josh asked why Jessica is mad at him, to which Jessica said he is a pathological liar who cries about everything. Cody joined in, saying that Josh makes victim noises all the time and doesn’t sound like a man.

10:20 PM BBT: Josh went to the back bathroom area where Raven and Dominique were and started crying, explaining the situation to them.

10:30 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that Josh just wants air time and that she’s not going to feed into that anymore. Cody said that he knew Christmas was the poison in their group all along.

10:45 PM BBT: Josh started talking to the cameras, saying that he doesn’t owe Jessica or Cody anything, explaining that those two didn’t talk to or even look at him for the first 15 days until they needed his vote.

10:50 PM BBT: Mark told Elena that Paul’s plan is risky because Ramses could get the veto, saying that they don’t know if Ramses would pick the replacement since he nominated himself to begin with as part of his curse. Elena said there was minimal room for error and the worst thing that could happen is Cody winning veto and Ramses goes home. Elena added that if she wins HOH, Jason is going up with Jessica.

10:55 PM BBT: Josh told Jason that he’s not with Paul’s group and that if he were to get HOH, he’d nominate Matt and Mark. Jason said that he had high hopes for Cody, but that he’s a hot head. Josh said that he still respects Cody and Jessica.

11:25 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she’s about to snap and that she hopes she is evicted before him because she doesn’t know if she’s strong enough to get through the opposite. Jessica said that she wouldn’t be surprised if Raven had a crush on Cody, so she didn’t pass up on the first chance to backstab Jessica. Jessica also said that Elena doesn’t have many friends in real life, so she just wants to be wherever everyone else is in the house since she has such a desire to be liked. Jessica said that Dominique is bipolar and that Christmas doesn’t like that Jessica is a alpha female.

11:40 PM BBT: Paul told Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Dominique, and Christmas that what he’s looking to do is put up Matt and Raven as pawns with the intention of sending Cody home, but said that he’s obviously not going to openly state that they’re just pawns. Paul said doing it this way would secure at least three of them playing in veto. Paul explained to all of them that it would be ideal for Raven to still be nominated on Thursday next to Cody because nobody has any problems with her. Matt said he’s not sure they even need to put Raven up because they’ll have the votes to do whatever they want.

Matt told Paul that if he believes that it’s a risk to put a Jason or an Alex next to Cody because someone might choose to vote the person sitting next to Cody out, that means he thinks that someone in the room with him right now is vulnerable to changing their vote since they have the numbers to do whatever that want. Mark told Paul that the only way that they wouldn’t have the votes is if two of them were on the block on Thursday, which could happen under Paul’s plan. Once Kevin joined them, Paul questioned the idea of putting Kevin up as the nominee since nobody in the house dislikes him.

12:15 AM BBT: Mark and Elena left the HOH bedroom frustrated with Paul’s insistence on nominating two people from their side instead of either putting Cody and Jessica up outright or nominating Alex and Jason.

12:30 AM BBT: Kevin told Jason that whoever flipped the vote messed up because it’s Christmas, the two couples, Dominique and Paul against everyone. Kevin said that he wish he understand the extent of that alliance because he said he would have made sure everyone stuck to the plan. Kevin told Alex and Jason that Paul is wanting to put him on the block as a pawn so that they can backdoor Cody. Kevin said that Paul’s talking about putting them up like they’re all expendable.

Kevin told Alex that the best two players in the house are her and Cody, so they’re going to have to link up with him. Kevin said that Paul is the one who is moulding everything and Kevin said that he made a mistake trusting Paul.

12:40 AM BBT: Jessica told Alex and Jason that Paul’s group is going to want to take out Ramses too because he flipped on them, which means that they’ll see that Ramses has no loyalty.

12:50 AM BBT: After coming out of the DR, Paul told Matt and Raven that risking one of them going home is a terrible idea after all.

12:55 AM BBT: Paul told Alex that for her own game, Jason is no good unless she’s going to be able to turn his act around. Paul added that she’s a good player and that he believes they should keep their distance since nobody will see them coming as a duo. Paul told Alex that putting Cody and Jessica up together would be the dumbest move he could do since they’d both be able to compete in the POV. Paul threw out the idea of using Alex as a pawn next to Ramses. Paul asked Alex if she’d vote out Cody over Ramses, to which she said she would if she had to. Paul told Alex that he doesn’t care what Cody is telling her because Cody actually believes that Alex is the biggest threat.

After throwing out the idea of putting Alex up as a pawn next to Josh, she said that she’s willing to put that plan into action. Paul told her that he wouldn’t use her as a pawn if she wasn’t comfortable, but Alex said that it was a solid plan.

1:40 AM BBT: Paul told Dominique, Christmas, Kevin, Matt, and Raven about Alex agreeing to be a pawn next to Josh, but said that he’s going to talk to Josh about it first to see if he could get him to agree to go up. Paul told them that he’d prefer Ramses be the target over both Alex and Josh if the veto isn’t used and they’re unable to get Jessica or Cody.

1:50 AM BBT: Elena told Ramses that this week is probably the best week for him to nominate himself since Cody is going to be everybody’s target. Ramses said that Paul knows what his curse is and that he doesn’t want Paul to plan to get him out. Elena said that she doesn’t think anyone sees Ramses as a target right now and said that he should just lay low. Ramses told Elena that he feels like Alex is playing him and is only loyal to Jason.

Elena told Ramses that Paul’s first target is Cody and second target is Jessica, making now the perfect time to give Paul an offer of loyalty.

2:05 AM BBT: Paul told Josh that if he’s up against Cody or Alex goes up against Cody, Cody would be going home in both cases no matter what. Josh questioned if Paul believed the house would take a shot at him if he was left on the block come Thursday. Paul said no because everyone in the house, minus Jessica, want Cody out. Paul explained to Josh that this is Josh’s chance to show people that he’s ready to be apart of a real group. Josh told Paul that he trusts him and that he’s in on the plan to be used as a pawn with the intention of getting Cody out. Paul promised Josh that even if Cody does win the veto and doesn’t use it, it’ll be Ramses who goes home.

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