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Big Brother 19: Day 12 Recap

We’re possibly in for a very crazy day, as the veto ceremony gives Cody the chance to really stir the pot depending on what he attempts to do. It’s a possibility that we even see an end to the 9 person alliance today.


9:40 AM BBT: Jessica told Mark that Cody is is thinking more long game, beyond just getting them to jury when it comes to the move he’s going to make at the veto meeting. Jessica added that she’s hoping that it’s going to be Jason, adding that she doesn’t know who else it could be. Mark told Jessica that he really likes her, Elena, Matt, and Raven, but said that was a lot of people to work with. Jessica agreed, but said the goal is to get to jury before worrying about that. Jessica said that she loves Paul and doesn’t want to see him go anyway, adding that she will do what she can to keep Cody in the house, but that she doesn’t want to see Paul go anywhere.

10:05 AM BBT: Alex told Jason that the replacement nominee is probably going to be Paul. Jason asked Kevin who he thought it was going to be, but Kevin just said that it isn’t going to be one of them. Alex agreed, saying he thinks Cody will put up someone from his own group.

10:20 AM BBT: Jason told Cody that he doesn’t want to divulge any information if Cody is thinking about putting him on the block today. Cody said that if he were to put him up today, he’d be going home. Cody told Jason that he and Alex are closest to his personality, saying that is why it sucks that they’re on the opposite side of the house. Cody explained to Jason that everyone thinks he’s going to put him up, but if he wasn’t, he needs to make sure that Jason isn’t going to target the couples or Dominique. Jason said that if all those people are off the table, he’d go after Christmas, to which Cody said is fine, going as far as saying that he’s willing to be the pawn to make that happen. Cody broke down his inner circle to Jason as being Jessica, Matt, Raven, Elena, Mark, and Dominique, adding that by having Cody on his side, he also has all those people. Cody ended by saying that he’s going to make a move that’ll take away a number from his side.

10:35 AM BBT: Cody told Alex that he believes he knows how to keep Jillian safe this week by making a big move as the replacement nominee. Cody explained to Alex everyone who is in his inner circle as the people he wants protected under any deal they make. Cody added that the person he’s planning to nominate today has been wanting her out so much that it makes him uncomfortable.

10:45 AM BBT: Alex told Jillian that Cody wants Paul out and that Cody said that the person he’s going to nominate wants her out so much and he doesn’t know why. Alex explained that in exchange for saving them this week, Cody wants the couples and Dominique to be safe. Alex said that there is still too many people on Cody’s side, so she said that they should go for Dominique if they can’t get anyone else.

11:20 AM BBT: Christmas told Raven that Cody talked to Alex and Jason, but didn’t talk to Ramses. Christmas added that Jason would be able to strike a deal with Cody, while Ramses is the wildcard.

12:40 PM – 3:00 PM BBT: Cody attempts to nominate Paul at the veto ceremony, but Paul reveals that he’s safe. Cody then nominates Christmas. We recapped all of the initial fallout. Read here.

3:10 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she spoke with Ramses and that he promised Jillian his vote. Jessica added that she told Ramses that she’s wanting the vote to be unanimous in hopes of reuniting the house.

3:15 PM BBT: Jason told Paul that they have to figured out which of the houseguests flipped on him to Cody because it’s good to know which can’t be trusted. Paul told Christmas that everyone in the house except them made a deal with Cody.

Raven joined to start counting votes with Christmas and Paul. They’re counted that they should have seven votes with Raven, Paul, Matt, Elena, Josh, Kevin, and Dominique, with Jason possibly being an eighth vote.

3:25 PM BBT: Dominique told Paul about Cody telling her that he made deals for the couples and her, but that she heard that Cody was actually just making deals for the couples. Dominique added that she doesn’t trust Jessica and feels like she has been manipulating Cody. When asked about Christmas, Dominique said that she gave Christmas her word and isn’t going to go back on it.

3:30 PM BBT: Christmas told Elena that Cody didn’t want Alex to go home and tried making an alliance with her from day one. Elena told Christmas that the people she is drawn to is her, Matt, Jessica, and Paul, adding that she has a different sort of connection with Dominique.

3:35 PM BBT: Jillian asked Alex if she thinks that she’s about to get voted out. Alex said that she thinks that it’ll be a split vote, and if that’s the case, Alex said that Cody will send Christmas home.

4:05 PM BBT: Mark told Paul that Cody’s reasoning for trying to nominate him might be as simple as not liking the way he saw Paul play last season. Elena told Mark that she doesn’t want him going back to Cody with what they say, to which Mark said that he wouldn’t. Matt, Raven, and Elena explained to Mark that they’re fine with telling the entire house that they’re going to be voting to keep Christmas. Mark said that whatever happens with his vote, he wants them to know that it’s nothing against them personally. Matt told him that Paul and Christmas are very motivated to win next week and Mark said he’s not exactly rooting against them. Mark said that if Christmas or Paul won HOH, they would put up Cody and Jessica. Matt explained to Mark that Cody dug his own grave. Raven told Mark that he should worry about his own game, not Cody’s.

6:00 PM BBT: Jessica asked Cody if he regrets throwing the veto. Cody said that he didn’t throw it, all he did was just not try as hard when he realized that Alex was winning. Jessica said that is what throwing a competition is and if he were to ever keep her out of the loop on something like that again, she would personally put him on the block and kick him out of the house.

6:05 PM BBT: Mark told Jason that he knows that him and Alex are close, so he questioned what would happen if either of them were to win HOH. Jason told him that he would be fine, then asked if Christmas was still the target. Mark said yes and that they’ll regroup on the issue after the 4th of July.

6:15 PM BBT: Kevin told Christmas that she believes Cody made the biggest mistake they could by going after her and Paul since they’re the two best players in the house. Christmas told him that it doesn’t make any sense because Cody told her that he wants only the strong players left, but then he nominates her.

6:25 PM BBT: Dominique told Jessica that she doesn’t understand Cody’s move today, explaining that for the sake of protecting the team, Cody should have nominated Jason. Dominique told her that even if Cody did want to work with the other side of the house, what he should have done was come to them like a team would and work to keep Jason in the house and send Jillian out.

6:55 PM BBT: Dominique told Christmas that she’s not sure if she can trust Jessica or not. Christmas told her that Jessica flipped, then questioned why Cody would ever turn on the entire group like that. Dominique said it’s because Cody was willing to take the fall. Christmas told Dominique that Cody would only flip on the entire group the way he did unless he had already made deals with the other side of the house. Dominique asked how many votes Christmas believes she has. Christmas listed off Dominique, Josh, Paul, Raven, Kevin, and Matt. Christmas explained to Dominique that her inner circle are her, Elena, and Paul. Dominique said that what happened to Christmas could happen to her, so she’s not apart of the showmance group.

7:20 PM BBT: Matt and Paul compared Cody’s game to Frankie from BB16 and Paulie from BB18 based on how he is making side deals with everyone behind his alliance’s back. When counting votes for Christmas to say, Paul and Matt concluded that the worst that could happen is there is five votes to evict Christmas, which isn’t the seven that is needed.

7:30 PM BBT: Alex and Jillian debated the idea of the entire veto ceremony debacle being staged, with Alex saying that she feels like Paul and Christmas handled the entire situation far too well. Alex told Jillian that if she were to stay, her and Jason are wanting to not go after Cody’s 7 member group until they have to after making that promise. Jason joined them, saying that Christmas has to go because everybody is trying to realign to get themselves to jury. Jason told the girls that Paul is trying to play him. Alex agreed, saying that Paul is playing a dangerous game. When Jillian asked what the vote is looking like, both Alex and Jason told her that it looks like it’s split.

7:50 PM BBT: Paul told Christmas that if she chooses to continue working with him, she cannot drop the ball. Paul added that if she were to keep working with him, he believes that they could tear the house up together. Christmas told Paul that she wants to work alongside him the entire game, explaining that she would like to know that when they make deals on the side, the two of them are still each other’s main alliance. Paul said that actions will be the only thing that is able to prove that.

Paul told Christmas that he has a plan for next week that involves putting up pawns that nobody would ever think about putting up and that the target is going to be an obvious one, but the way he is going to go about it will blindside the house.

7:55 PM BBT: Elena told Matt that Raven and him are the only one she fully trusts in the house. Matt agreed, telling her that he also believes that Paul and Christmas will at least be loyal to them until jury. Matt added that he likes Cody and Jessica, but that working with them isn’t going to work for their long term game. Matt said that their only mission this week is to make sure that Christmas stayed. Elena agreed, saying that she’s going to work on Mark.

8:20 PM BBT: Jason told Paul that he doesn’t trust Christmas because she was kicked out of her own alliance, but said that he does get that would be good for them since she is spited. Paul told him that he needs to have a serious conversation with Christmas. Jason said that he’s been trying to, but said that he just already doesn’t trust her. Paul said that he’s not saying to keep Christmas in the house forever, but at least a few more weeks. Jason said that it’s going to be him or Christmas, stating that when everyone realigns, it’s going to be his head on the chopping block. Paul said that he doesn’t think that’s the case and that even if Jason doesn’t vote for Christmas to stay, there is still a chance that Jillian goes home. Paul explained that the only people who aren’t voting for Christmas to stay is Jason, Jessica, Alex, and possibly Mark.

Paul told Jason that Christmas made it clear to him that she wants to stir things up, but Jason said that he’s having a heard time believing that and that he wants the showmances split. Paul said that is what Christmas wants and that Paul has a checkmate move planned for win he wins HOH. Jason told Paul that if Christmas wins, she wants him to take a shot at Cody. Paul explained that is what she is planning.

8:35 PM BBT: Paul told Alex that next week if he wins HOH, he’s going to be taking a serious shot, explaining that there is going to be a power switch next week and that it’s going to land on their side. Alex told Paul that he needs to win HOH because she doesn’t want to break her deal with Cody yet. Paul said that she needs to keep in perspective that no matter who wins HOH, Cody’s name isn’t a target option because he has made deals with everyone, leaving her open as a target.

9:10 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that if Cody was going to make this type of move, he’s glad that Cody did it not instead of later in the game. Matt said that he cannot risk Cody going rogue like that without Cody telling him, adding that he feels bad for Jessica because of the spot she’s in, but said that he’s unable to do anything about it. Raven and Matt agreed that they rather not be in the game than go back on their word by voting Christmas out. Matt said that the benefits of that is that after Thursday, Christmas is going to have undying loyalty to them.

9:30 PM BBT: Kevin told Christmas that Jessica had to know about the plan because she’s sleeping with Cody. Kevin added that Cody and Matt made an alliance at the start of the game. Christmas agreed, saying that she thinks it’s the three boys who plan to protect their women.

9:35 PM BBT: Cody told Paul that his original plan was to get Megan out and that had she just stayed in the house, it’s unlikely that everything went down today would have still went down. Paul told Cody that the conversation he had with him yesterday was genuine and that he’s not going to hold anything against him. Cody said that he feels the same way.

9:55 PM BBT: Mark told Elena that he feels like them two, Matt, and Raven are in the middle and that if he votes different than them, it’s going to be different amongst each other afterwards. Mark asked if it’s going to make a different whether he voted out Christmas or Jillian, to which Elena said that it’s too hard to say. Elena told him outright that she’s unwavering on her decision to vote to keep Christmas.

10:10 PM BBT: Mark told Paul that he completely trusts him and wants to move forward, saying that while he’s dealing with Cody because he’s a friend, he still wants to work with Paul. Elena told Paul that she’s not voting out Christmas, to which Paul agreed, saying that it’s just not the best game move for any of them. Paul told Mark that he’s playing emotionally when making his decision to vote out Christmas, so he needs to differentiate. Paul told Mark that a lot of people were fooled by Paulie during his season because he was making deals with everyone, but eventually it caught up to him because people talk, insinuating that Cody is doing the same.

10:25 PM BBT: Mark told Christmas that he’s not voting to keep Jillian and that she doesn’t have anything to worry about because he wouldn’t go back on that. Mark asked Christmas if he or Elena would go up if Christmas were to win HOH, nominate Jessica and Cody, then one of those two won veto. Christmas asked if they knew about Cody’s plan, Mark denied, to which Christmas said that if they didn’t know, she wouldn’t have any reason to nominate them.

12:20 AM BBT: Mark told Cody that he wants to get Christmas out, but the numbers just aren’t there and if he sticks his neck out, he’s going to be screwed. Cody told him that it’s fine and that he doesn’t need to. Mark said that by voting with the house, he’ll be able to better protect Cody going into next week. Cody told Mark that he’s the only one that has shown this level of loyalty after he made the big move at the veto meeting. Cody said that he’s going to look like a genius next week if Alex or Jason win HOH because the insiders of their original big group will all be safe like he had originally planned.

1:25 AM BBT: Christmas spoke with Jessica about Cody going against the group by targeting Paul, then throwing her up on the block. Christmas said that if Cody really wanted to work with that side of the house, they could have all made the decision on how to go about it together. Jessica told her that Cody makes his own decisions and that the two of them made the choice to play two separate games.

1:45 AM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she is stressed because the people that he is wanting to align himself with aren’t the same people that she is wanting to align herself with because she doesn’t trust anybody on that side of the house. Cody made it clear that nobody in the outsiders group are working with Christmas and that if Christmas told her that, she’s lying.

Jessica told Cody that if the couples in the house vote to keep Christmas even after they tell them that Christmas is coming after her and Cody, that would mean that the couples alliance are against them now. Jessica said that she needs to get the group together and try to get the vote to evict Christmas to be unanimous.

1:55 AM BBT: Paul told Alex that Cody only came to her side of the house because he had a falling out with his own alliance members and he needed a backup. Paul explained that because he burned people to begin with to even need to come to her, she needs to separate herself from Cody or risk having heat brought onto her that would make Paul have to jump ship. Paul told her that they could even get a lot of former members of Cody’s alliance to join a group with them since Cody has alienated so many.

4:00 AM BBT: Jason told Mark that they could make it to final two together, but said that Mark just needs to tell him what they need to do. Jason tried getting Mark to tell him what he knows, but Mark insisted that he didn’t know anything. Jason told Mark that keeping Christmas makes him nervous, but that they probably don’t have the numbers to get her out anyway.

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