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Big Brother 19: Day 11 Recap

It’s the day after the veto competition, which means that there is still plenty of game to be talked and plans to be made as the houseguests prepare and plot for who the replacement nominee is going to be and just who they’re all going to vote out on Thursday.


11:55 AM BBT: Cody told Matt that he wants to cut a deal with Alex and Jillian so that they wouldn’t put up the showmances or Dominique next week. Cody explained that the move he’s thinking about making next is one that not everyone will understand.

12:05 PM BBT: Jessica told Cody about Ramses, Jillian, and Alex discussing POV options, saying that Alex might use the veto to save Jillian instead. Cody told her not to worry because he has a plan regardless.

12:15 PM BBT: Jillian told Alex that if Cody’s group really doesn’t like her that much, they might take out Jillian because she’s Alex’s friend. Alex said that she’s thinking about using the veto on Jillian so that way Jillian and Jason are both safe while Alex goes home. Jillian said that Alex doesn’t even know if everyone would vote her out, to which Alex said she knows none of them are going to take her to jury. Alex added that if Jillian is up with Jason, it’s a flip of the coin as to who is going home.

12:25 PM BBT: Cody told Alex and Jillian that before the veto ceremony, he’s going to make an awesome deal with them. Jillian pleaded her case to Cody, to which Cody said that he’s loyal to Alex and that whatever Alex wants him to do to protect their interests is what he’ll do. Cody added that he’s willing to protect them all the way to jury as long as they can provide the same for him and a couple other people. Cody told the girls that he’ll tell them the plan right before the veto ceremony.

12:30 PM BBT: Alex told Jillian that if she wins HOH next week, she’s still going to blindside Cody and Jessica with nominations like Cody did to them. Alex added that if Dominique is the one who Cody is wanting to put up, she knows that there is at least 7 votes to evict. Jillian said that if she is up against Jason, she would have Ramses, Kevin, Josh, and possibly Jessica on her side.

12:40 PM BBT: Ramses told Cody that he feels really good about him, Jessica, and Matt. Cody said that as long as Ramses would be able to protect his and a few others’ interests next week, they’re going to be good to go. Ramses agreed, saying that he has Cody’s back moving forward. While leaving the conversation with Cody, Ramses said to himself that he still might put up Cody if he were to win.

2:30 PM BBT: Jessica told Paul that Cody isn’t giving her anything on who he is planning on putting up as the replacement nominee, Paul asked if the nominee might be one of their group, to which Jessica said she would be floored if Cody went back on them like that. Jessica told Paul that if he is going to try to talk to Cody, he shouldn’t push anything because she said that when her, Matt, and Dominique tried that, Cody shut down for the rest of the day.

2:50 PM BBT: Paul told Dominique about hearing that Cody shut himself down yesterday after people pushed him on who he should put up as the replacement nominee. Dominique said that is exactly what he did, but Paul said that he thinks that Cody might open up some if it’s just a 1 on 1 setting. Dominique told Paul that she thought that Jason was going to be the sure thing when it comes to the replacement nominee, but she said that she is no longer sure. Paul told Dominique that Jessica has an agenda and that when she doesn’t like someone, she twists other people’s arms to get them to act on it for her.

3:20 PM BBT: Christmas asked Jillian how Alex was doing. Jillian said that Alex was doing fine, but said that she is personally worried because she knows that people are going after Alex and doesn’t want those people after her when she isn’t Alex. Christmas said that she doesn’t personally see Jillian as being a big target. Jillian told Christmas that while Alex does have people on her radar and is spited about the situation, she said that Christmas isn’t on that radar.

3:25 PM BBT: Jason told Paul that he’s going to wait until 30 minutes before the veto ceremony before trying to change Cody’s mind because he said that is the only way to do it instead of giving Cody days to stir on things.

4:15 PM BBT: Matt told Raven that he has a feeling that something unexpected is going to happen at the veto ceremony based on Cody not telling them what he’s going to do.

4:15 PM BBT: Jillian told Alex that if she doesn’t go home this week, they can’t get rid of Josh because they’re going to need his vote moving forward. Alex asked Jillian who she would put up if she were to win HOH, to which Jillian said it would be Jessica and Cody. Jillian added that they just need to get rid of one of the two. Alex agreed, saying that if the other side of the house plans on making it showmances vs singles, they need to turn everyone into singles. Jillian said that if Cody were to win veto, they would put up one of his friends like Raven or Elena.

4:30 PM BBT: Paul questioned if everyone still thinks that Jason is who should be nominated and sent home. Matt and Raven both agreed, but Matt said that Cody believes he can get Alex to be on their side. Paul said that is a problem. Matt said that Cody needs to understand that he isn’t going to be HOH next week and wouldn’t like it if they didn’t listen to him at all like Cody has been doing with them.

Elena told them that she’s not as worried about Alex getting HOH anymore because it seems like Alex really wants to get Josh out of the house. Matt said that is good for them, adding that he can stoke that fire between the two by joking with Alex about her being in a showmance with Josh.

4:50 PM BBT: Matt told Elena, Paul, and Raven that Jessica and Cody not being on the same page is worrisome. Paul said that he’s just going to let that ship go wherever it’s going to go, while Elena said it’s a bloat that she isn’t going to be hopping on.

5:35 PM BBT: Kevin told Jason that if he were to ever go up, he would never vote him out.

5:50 PM BBT: Dominique told Josh that when people go off and explode within the first couple weeks, it puts targets on their back. Dominique explained that when you can’t control your temper, it shows that you can’t control your emotions, thus making him a threat to her game and anyone else he tries working with.

6:15 PM BBT: Alex told Jillian that Cody hasn’t talked about his plans for the replacement nominee with anyone yet. Jillian questioned if Paul was going to be the nominee, but Alex said that would be a stupid move. Alex said that if they win HOH next week, Josh isn’t going to be the one going home, but said that if anyone else were to win HOH, they’re going to have to send Josh home, even if he is a number for them. Alex told Jillian that if they’re able to get Dominique out, they would be able to bring Christmas over to their side of the house.

8:00 PM BBT: Dominique told Mark that the outsiders are clearly upset about the showmances forming this early and the girls using the guys to further themselves. Dominique added that someone got into Kevin’s ear about that too because he made a comment about the girls using the guys.

Mark told Dominique that he can’t tell if he’s using Elena or Elena is using him. Dominique said that not knowing isn’t good, but that if he wants to find out, he should talk game with her, then throw out bait to see if she takes it.

8:15 PM BBT: Jillian told Kevin that Josh is an idiot and that he went to Dominique to tell her that Jillian is wanting to target her. Kevin told Jillian not to worry, but she’s going to make it through the week and that Josh will be gone by next.

8:20 PM BBT: Alex told Cody that she doesn’t know who she wants out more between Josh and Alex. Cody told her that he believes he’ll be able to get Alex to not target them. Jessica said that she didn’t have a problem until Alex started gloating after the HOH, but said that she has gained respect for Alex since the veto competition since Alex hasn’t been showing off.

8:45 PM BBT: Paul told Cody and Jessica that Alex and Jillian don’t like Josh and that they should keep him around for pure entertainment, adding that they can always keep Josh as the backup target. Cody told him that they can’t keep using Jillian as a pawn after seeing her compete that well in the veto.

Paul told Mark and Matt that if they are always in power, the girls would respect their words, but if the girls were to ever get into power, they would stop listening as much and would make things more difficult than they need to be. Mark and Matt said that they want Josh out, but Paul had to remind them that he’s not even an option right now, adding that if it’s between Jason and Ramses, it should be Jason since he’s a bigger competition threat.

Mark told Paul, Jessica, Matt, Elena, and Raven that if the worst case scenario happened and they didn’t win HOH, they could just send Josh home. Matt asked Jessica if Cody actually wants to work with Alex, to which Jessica confirmed. Mark said that Cody isn’t going to be HOH next week, so he wouldn’t have any real say on if they’re going to backdoor Alex or not. Paul agreed, saying that they can’t bring Alex into the fold because she’s a loose cannon.

9:05 PM BBT: Alex told Jillian that the replacement nominee might be Ramses, but Jillian told her that if that’s the case, that’s going to be bad news for her.

9:50 PM BBT: Jillian asked Christmas if she had any idea who is going to be the replacement nominee, but Christmas said that Cody hasn’t told her anything. Jillian questioned if she were a threat, to which Christmas said no, that Josh is at the top of everyone’s list at the moment. Jillian said that she knows everyone was going for Alex and that she hopes that isn’t turned on her just because she is Alex’s friend. Christmas said that she doesn’t think it’ll come to that.

10:30 PM BBT: Jason told Alex that his gut is telling him that Cody is going to nominate Paul. Alex agreed, saying that she would vote him out. Alex added that everyone thinks she is going to put up Josh if she were to win, but in reality has plans to still target the couples. Jason asked if they should keep Paul in the game, to which Alex said that she thinks they should because he is actually good for their games. Jason says that he’s going to talk to Cody in the morning about it and has a trick up his sleeve.

12:00 AM BBT: Mark told Cody that the people don’t like the couples. Cody told Mark and Dominique that he knows how to protect the couples and Dominique, saying that he’s going to strike a deal before the veto ceremony. Cody added that he’s going to ensure that everyone close to him is safe.

12:05 AM BBT: Dominique asked Mark if Cody is truly trying to take all the couples to the end. Mark said that Cody is wanting to take the three couples to the end and her. Mark changed the subject, telling Dominique that Christmas is really pissing him off by constantly reminding everyone about the couples in the house. Mark said that he is hoping that Cody pisses everyone off tomorrow and stirs the pot. Dominque said that she would be shocked if that didn’t happen. Mark said that he doesn’t think that Cody likes their group, stating that he doesn’t know any other reason why Cody feels like he would need to make deals outside of it. Dominique agreed, saying that Cody’s demeanor indicated that he has been thinking about doing something that isn’t with their group.

Mark told Dominique that he’s pissed with Christmas and Matt because of the questions they asked during Dominique’s show. He said that they brought up uncomfortable questions about him and Elena’s relationship in front of Elena, such as asking if what they have is actual romance or just a showmance. Mark added that Elena isn’t going to like his relationship with Dominique. Dominique agreed, saying that Elena and Jessica are going to team up to take her out when the time comes.

Mark told Christmas that their nine person group isn’t going to last longer than three weeks. Dominique agreed, saying though that she likes Paul and that he could be an asset to them.

12:35 AM BBT: Cody asked Jessica what the problem would be if he could ensure that Alex wouldn’t target him our their allies. Jessica asked if he had already talked about this with Alex, to which Cody denied, saying that he just believes that he’d be able to convince her. Jessica asked if what Cody is wanting to do is eliminate all the weak players and just have the strong ones in jury. Cody said that he wouldn’t be opposed to that.

1:05 AM BBT: Christmas and Elena went over how they’re both out of the loop when it comes to what is happening at the veto ceremony, despite the fact that they’re supposed to be in an alliance with Cody.

1:10 AM BBT: Mark vents about Matt and Christmas’ questions to Paul. When asked about knowing who is going up, Mark said that he doesn’t know, but also said that he hasn’t heard anything about it possibly being Paul. Mark and Paul agree to keep each other’s trust, saying that this conversation staying between them gives them a chance to show their loyalty. They both also agreed that if either were to win the next HOH, they don’t have to worry about going up.

2:05 AM BBT: Dominique told Christmas and Paul that something is fishy and that she doesn’t know what Cody is going to do. Christmas said that she is starting to feel frustrated because it’s supposed to be a group effort, but Cody isn’t even wanting to hear what the group has to say. Paul questioned why Cody was even bothering trying to get Alex on their side when they don’t need her, but no answer was given.

2:20 AM BBT: Paul told Cody that he knows this week has been hard for him since he has been the first HOH and had to nominate four different people. Paul asked if anything was weird of striking him as odd, but Cody said there is nothing. Cody told Paul that his actions are going to speak louder than his words, so he could reassure anything, but that isn’t what matters in the end.

2:40 AM BBT: Jessica told Cody that she’s starting to understand his strategy now, saying that to Cody, the expendable ones are Christmas and Paul. Cody said that it’s Christmas and Paul who have sown all the distrust and fear within the group. Jessica said that while she didn’t disagree, she feels some loyalty to Paul for giving her a friendship bracelet, explaining that relationship to Cody by saying that Paul is basically to her what Alex is to him.

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