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Big Brother 19: Cursed Houseguests Get Frog Costumes

The new twist this season if the ‘Den of Temptation’, which offers the houseguest America voted for a temptation of power, but each temptation comes with a curse. While the first week’s curse was actually harsh, this week’s curse is a lot more light-hearted and fun.

The person who was cursed last week, Ramses, was forced to nominate himself as the third nominee within the first three weeks of the summer. This week, instead of affecting the actual game, those who were cursed had to wear frog costumes and hop around the house for the next seven days, with the possibility of a penalty nomination or penalty vote if they don’t comply.

Christmas got the temptation this week, and along with that she got the power to choose the three houseguests that would be cursed. Not knowing what it’d be, she chose Cody, Jessica, and originally Ramses, but since he got cursed last week, she switched it to Jason.

The frog costumes must be worn at all times and will even have to be warn during Thursday’s live show, with the possibility with one of the frogs being evicted in costume! There are also lily pads placed throughout the house where the frogs can rest without having to continually hop. They’re allowed to sleep in their normal beds and can only take off the costume when they’re showering or in the poll.

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