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Big Brother 19: Cody Stirs The Pot On His Final Night

Dominique’s talk show during Big Brother After Dark has become a regular thing this summer. Typically, the questions are minimally game related, but that was definitely not the case last night.

Cody has never watched Dominique’s show before, but knowing that he was likely to be going home within 24 hours, he decided that he’d stir the pot one last time on his way out of the house. Cody instantly made the interview game related and personal after nearly the first question when Dominique asked him what his first impressions were. Cody said that he instantly didn’t like Paul, citing how Paul played last season and said that Paul’s personality was loud and brash.

When Dominique asked Cody what drove him to hanging in the first endurance competition so long, Cody again took a shot at Paul, saying that he wanted to get Paul out of the house because Paul refused to give him a Friendship bracelet hours before. Cody said that he wanted to win HOH so that he could beat Paul, stating that he was going head-to-head vs the guy who got second place during his season. Cody also said that he believes Ramses made a crack deal this week to put himself on the block as part of his curse because he knew that Cody was going to get backdoored.

Cody said that it wasn’t hard to figure out that once he failed to get Paul out that first week, Paul was going to win the coming HOH because he was a physical threat last year and that when everyone was giving Paul their tickets, there was no way that he wasn’t going to win. When asked if he regrets anything, Cody said that the only thing he regrets was getting Jessica in trouble, despite the fact that she didn’t have anything to do with his decisions.

This is when things finally hit the fan. Dominique asked Cody if the decision he made during the veto meeting was solely based on his own. Cody said that he never made a baseless decision, stating that at least 1 or 2 people knew about what he was going to do. Mark interjected, asking Cody which decisions he was talking about. Cody refused to answer. Mark said that Cody making that statement was intentionally made to help Jessica’s game when he’s gone. Cody took exception to that, asking Mark if he’s implying that he’s going to go after Jessica now because of that. Paul asked if Cody was going to state who the 1 or 2 people were, but Cody said no. Mark asked Cody if he thought that making a general statement like that was going to help Jessica’s game, but Cody asked why Mark would ever bring Jessica into it. A few awkward, not-so-game related questions followed before Dominique’s show came to an end, which is when the fallout began.


Alex told Mark, Dominique, Elena, and Ramses that she didn’t know what Cody was trying to do, but Mark said that he knew exactly what Cody was trying to do, stating that Cody was trying to act as if Mark and Matt knew about Cody’s plan to backdoor Paul.

Meanwhile Paul, Raven, and Matt focused their anger at Dominique, taking exception to the questions she was asking, citing Dominique putting their original alliance on blast in front of the entire house. Matt said that he was more disappointed in Dominique’s questioning than he was Cody’s answers, to which Paul agreed. Matt questioned how they were to trust Dominique when she’s doing things like that. Raven said don’t trust her after something like that.


Mark and Jessica finally hashed out their differences for the first time since Jillian went home, with Jessica telling Mark how everyone in the house has isolated her, saying that she’s been living in hell all week and has been getting bullied. Mark said that Jessica also didn’t say a word to him all week, absolving blame for Jessica saying that he hasn’t looked at her. Mark told Jessica that the only way they’re going to have a clean slate between each other is if Cody talks to Paul and tells him the truth about nobody knowing about Cody’s decision to take a shot at Paul. Mark added that what Cody just did was done intentionally to affect people’s games, then said that it’s hard for him to believe that Jessica didn’t know that was going to happen. Jessica denied ever knowing Cody’s intention for Dominique’s show, saying that Mark is going to look back on the show once they get out of the house and feel bad for Jessica. Mark told her that they can start on a fresh page moving forward if that is what Jessica once, to which Jessica said that she’d really like that.

While Jessica spoke with Mark, Cody was up in the HOH room with Paul, telling him that it was Mark who knew about the plan to backdoor Paul, then said that it was both Mark and Dominique who came to him with the idea of taking Christmas out this week. Cody made sure to clarify that Dominique didn’t know about the plan to backdoor Paul. Cody explained to Paul that he thought he had the numbers to get Christmas out going into the eviction since Mark wanted her gone so bad, but said that Mark blindsided him at the eviction. Cody said that now that the dust has cleared, he has realized that the person he originally tried to get out is the person he believes the most and can tell the truth to. Cody added that he’s hoping there is a Battle Back, telling Paul that he wouldn’t be his target if he were to win his way back into the house.

When Cody came back downstairs to speak to Jessica and told her what he said to Paul, Jessica told him that Mark is going to flip once Paul tells him since the two are too close for Paul not to tell him. Cody said that Paul pretty much knew everything and what Cody was doing was just validating it all.

Jason joined Cody and Jessica, questioning what he should do if he wins HOH. Cody said that he should stick with Jessica because she always knows what’s going to happen. Jason said that if he were to win HOH, he’d put up Matt and Dominique, but Cody said that he should put up Mark and Dominique or Mark and Elena. Cody explained that Jason just needs to target Mark, Elena, and Dominique since that’s the real trio in the house. Cody suggested Jason to vote Ramses out to sow fear in people’s heads about who flipped on them. Jason said that despite promising Alex not to, he’s going to vote Ramses out.


When Dominique went upstairs to meet with Paul, Matt, and Mark, Paul was there to tell her about their displeasure with her questioning, saying that he thought some of her questions were odd, but said that he doesn’t want her to be offended by him bringing this up. Dominique said that she wasn’t offended and that she needs criticisms to make her show better. Paul told Dominique about Cody saying he had already spoken to Christmas about 1 or 2 people knowing of his plan during last week’s veto meeting. Mark said that it’ll concern him if Christmas doesn’t tell them about what Cody said once she’s back from surgery.

Dominique told Matt and Paul that Christmas talks to everyone in the house, saying that she has some influence on the opposite side of the house as well. Paul said that Cody had a smug look on his face as he told Paul about telling Christmas as if Christmas bought everything he said. Paul said that Christmas has the personality where once she believes something, it’s hard to change that.

Raven told Paul that Dominique is using her show as part of her game to get the information that she needs, but Paul said that he has already figured that out. Paul told Matt and Raven that the two names that Cody gave him were Dominique and Mark, which Paul said were also the two people who were acting the most bizarre after the show. Paul said that once Cody is gone, he’ll tell both Dominique and Mark about it so that they can explain themselves. Matt said that Christmas is an emotional person and if she believes what Cody told her, she’s not going to stay silent about it once she gets back.


Elena got in on the action, telling Matt and Raven that she didn’t like Dominique’s questioning, saying that it felt like they were handed to Cody with the knowledge that his answers would implicate a few people.

Paul went to go speak with the downstairs group, where he asked Jason if others knew he was going to be backdoored last week. Jason just responded saying that is what Cody said. Paul told Jason to take everything with a grain of salt and that he’s not going to get involved with whatever new is going on.

Josh told Paul that everyone else wanted him out while he was the only person who was excited when Paul walked in. Josh explained to Paul that Christmas obviously loyal to him, which is the reasoning behind Cody targeting her.


Paul later decided to see what he could get out of Matt, telling him that Cody said it was him and Mark who were in on everything, telling Matt that now Jason, Ramses, and Kevin are all talking about the two of them being in on Cody’s plan. Matt denied ever knowing anything. Paul went on to tell Elena, Matt, and Raven that they need to tell Mark that they no longer have Josh, stating that Josh is now trying to convince him that he’s getting screwed by everyone he’s working with. Paul said that once Christmas gets back, she’s either going to band together with the other side of the house or stir the pot. Elena told the group that this whole debacle just makes her want Jessica out more. Raven agreed, saying that Jessica is more persuasive and will get more sympathy than Ramses.



When Paul finally got to speak with Alex again, he told her that this is all perfect because everyone’s brains are jumbled heading into next week. Paul told her that it was Mark and Dominique who Cody was talking about being in on his plans and said that he’s going to tell those two about it once Cody is gone. Paul suggested that they throw the HOH to Jason since he’d make a crazy move, but Alex said that Jason would go ape shit as HOH and said that she isn’t sure they need that right now. Alex and Paul pondered the idea of throwing it to Josh, saying that they just don’t want Ramses winning it this week. Paul said that he believes they should get Ramses out first, to which Alex said she agreed. Alex told Paul about Dominique just going to bat for Mark. Paul said that maybe Dominique and Mark do have an alliance after all.


This drama has the potential to amplify once Christmas gets back and depending on who wins tonight’s HOH competition! You can watch the endurance competition and the entire week of fallout on the Live Feeds with a 7 day trial by signing up here!

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    I really appreciate your efforts in keeping recaps up to date. I read everyday so thank you.

  • DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap

    How in the world are Raven & Christmas going to stay in the competition? They are both going to lose any endurance competitions that involved the lower body. Paul we keep them both safe to use as cannon fodder at a later date.

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