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Big Brother 19: Cody Gets Upset With Jessica For Questioning His Loyalty

This has been the roughest week of the summer for Cody and Jessica’s relationship, as they only just repaired things after a fight following the nominations, but it looks like everything they repaired has come crashing down again.

It should have been an easy week for Jessica and Cody since they know they have safety thanks to the Halting Hex, but the Hex has actually been the central thing that has been the bedrock of both major fights this week.

Paul brought Jessica up to the HOH room and explained to her that she’d be targeted next if she were to use the Hex this week. When Jessica wasn’t responsive to that threat, Paul told her about Cody saying that he wanted to keep Alex and Jason so that they could target Jessica and Raven for Matt and Cody. Jessica went to confirm this with Matt, who didn’t deny, but told her that it was so long ago that it wasn’t relevant now.

When Jessica brought this to Cody, he was instantly unhappy, but not as unhappy as he’d later get. Cody outright denied that ever being the reason that he wanted to work with Alex and Jason, saying that he was willing to swear on anything to that fact. When Jessica kept bringing it up in several different ways, such as saying that she never had a conversation with Elena on how to get the guys out, Cody told Jessica that if she doesn’t trust him now, she’s never going to trust him. Cody added that the only deals he ever made with Alex and Jason were to keep their inner circle safe. The conversation broke up before anything else happened.


Things got heated when Jessica found Cody in the back bedroom and brought up Paul’s claim again about Cody wanting Alex and Jason to target Jessica and Raven, saying that Mark defended Cody too. Cody said that he doesn’t give a sh*t. Jessica said that she doesn’t like seeing Cody like this, but Cody just tried walking out, saying “f*ck this”, that there is no more of her just calling him babe, and that Jessica can find someone else to distrust because he doesn’t care anymore. Jessica asked Cody if he really wants to let the other side win by the two of them fighting, but Cody again said that he doesn’t care.

Cody told Jessica that she lost him outside, stating that he doesn’t need anyone questioning his loyalty because the people closest to him would never question that. Jessica tried telling Cody that was he was overreacting, but Cody just said that he doesn’t care how she thinks he’s acting and that he doesn’t care what Jessica’s standards are, referencing their first fight. Cody said that Jessica clearly doesn’t know or understand him. Cody finally said that he’s just going to work out, which seemed to get Jessica pissed. Jessica said Cody can go do whatever he want, which Cody replied that he will. Once Cody left, Jessica called him a child and said that she didn’t sign up to be a baby sitter.

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