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Big Brother 19: Cody Blindsides His Alliance

It was veto ceremony day today, which always has the potential for drama, but today’s was unlike no other. There were multiple blindsides that took place at the one ceremony, which led to an avalanche of fallout afterwards.

Cody didn’t tell anyone of his plan to backdoor Paul at the veto ceremony, so when he finally tried, it was news to everyone. What Cody didn’t know is that Paul has the Pendant of Protection, which ensures his safety for three weeks and forces Cody to make another nomination. Not planning for this, Cody nominating Christmas since he viewed her as being the closest to Paul.

When the feeds came back on, Cody and Christmas were in a loud argument, with Christmas questioning what she ever lied about, but Cody wasn’t able to give a straight answer. Meanwhile, Paul was talking with Jessica and Dominique, explaining to them that he didn’t tell them about the temptation because it way always a backup plan that he could use to see if he could actually trust his alliance. Paul said that the ceremony made clear that he was the target, because if it’s a veteran against Jillian, it’s obvious who would be voted out.


After his talk with Christmas, Cody spoke with Mark. Mark said that he likes this game move because he doesn’t like Christmas and feels like he can’t trust her. This stems from last night’s show that Dominique hosted where Christmas asked him uncomfortable questions in front of Elena. Mark then spoke with Jason, reassuring him that when he and Cody spoke with him, they meant it and that now they have to make sure they get Christmas out, to which Jason agreed and said should be easy.

Jessica told Cody that she knew he was going to take out Paul, just that she wasn’t expecting him to do it so soon. Cody said that he had to because it was Paul who was causing all the distrust within their group. Cody said that he watched Paul’s season and knows how he plays, saying that Paul didn’t make it to final two by being loyal.

Cody walked to the backyard in anger after Jessica told him that she was angry with him for causing such a rift in the house, which led to him meeting with Paul. Paul congratulating him on his move and asked Cody what was really up. Cody told him that based on all the conversations he was having, Paul was the common thread when it came to distrust within the group. Paul said that he’s the vet, which means that he already sticks out and is the common thread, making him an easy target for people to blame. Cody said that Paul should have known that this was going to happen and that him not getting a friendship bracelet was the first nail in his coffin. Paul asked if trying to target him was a singular decision or one made by the group, to which Cody said that it was entirely his doing.


While Cody spoke with Paul for the first time, Matt, Jessica, Elena, and Raven were upstairs discussing Cody. Matt questioned how he was supposed to trust Cody after a move like that, but instead of defending Cody, Jessica said that Matt doesn’t have to trust him. Matt, Elena, and Raven all agreed that despite Cody’s move, they’re not going to be voting Christmas out. Jessica told them that if she was Paul or Christmas next week, she would put someone on the block next to Cody that would ensure that he’s the one that goes home. Jessica added that this was a selfish move by Cody because it ruins her game. Matt questioned why Cody would ever think that they’d vote out Paul in the first place.


When it was just Mark, Elena, Cody, Jessica, Matt, and Raven in the room, Mark made it clear that people are going to be gunning for the couples and that they’re going to need to get Christmas out. Immediately Elena, Raven, and Matt all said that they aren’t going to want to vote out Christmas. Jessica said that if they vote out Christmas, Paul is going to know that they cannot be trusted. Mark said that doesn’t matter because there is no going back to Paul at this point.

Once Raven, Matt, and Elena left, Jessica said that the rest of their group isn’t going to want to vote out Christmas. Mark said that there isn’t a choice and that Christmas has to go. Cody chimed in, saying that Christmas is the target. Mark said that with Matt and Raven not voting wit them, it will probably be a 6-6 vote with Cody breaking the tie. Mark asked Cody if he really thinks he can trust Alex and Jason, Cody confirmed, to which Mark said that is enough for him to feel the same way.

Downstairs, Raven, Elena, and Paul discussed Cody. Elena brought up that she doesn’t know if she’s going to be able to trust Cody anymore. Raven agreed, saying that Paul has been with their group and was an asset. Raven and Elena both said that they’re no longer in the group of nine and that is was broken up the moment Cody tried nominating Paul. Elena and Raven promised Paul that they’re going to remain loyal to him like they were before this and that they’re not going to be voting out Christmas.


Matt ended up finally getting the chance to speak with Christmas, telling her that he didn’t know about this plan and that he had wanted Cody to just stick with their group because they could have easily made it to jury.

Once Christmas left, Mark, Elena, and Raven joined Matt. Mark said that while he didn’t know that this was the plan, the couples have to stick together because there is a target on their back. Matt said that it’s a free for all now, with Raven saying that the couples thing no longer matters. Elena, Raven, and Matt all told Mark that they’re not going to be able to vote Christmas out.


While all this was going on, Paul used the time to speak with Jason and Alex individually. Paul made the point to Jason that while Jason might not personally trust Christmas, he can now after she was just betrayed by Paul. Later, Paul ended up telling Alex about Jessica being super gung-ho about wanting Alex out of the house. Alex also said that she doesn’t trust Christmas, but Paul said that they should be able to bring her in after being betrayed.


There were a couple conversations left that wrapped up the main fallout after the ceremony.

Cody had a heart-to-heart with Christmas, explaining that Paul was going to be his target and that he only nominated her because he thought that they were close and that he figured she was going to be coming after him once he tried putting up Paul. Christmas said that she can handle being on the block, it’s just being blindsided by your own group is what she doesn’t like. Christmas asked if the rest of the group i wanting to get her out, which Cody answered no, and that is a problem for him, essentially admitting that he wants her gone.


Paul and Raven had a conversation about who they trust. Both agreed that they don’t trust Jessica, but they do trust Elena. Raven said that she doesn’t know about Mark because he is planning on voting Christmas out.

After Raven, Paul went to Kevin. Kevin agreed with Paul about the high school-like relationships in the house, saying that people don’t watch the show to see people get their backs rubbed. Paul told Kevin that he should vote to keep Christmas so that they could use her, to which Kevin agreed without question.

Finally, Paul spoke with Jessica. Paul told Jessica that there is no longer a team after Cody felt the need to try making a deal with the other side of the house, adding that he can no longer trust Paul after he went back on him like that. Jessica swore on her father’s grave that she didn’t know he was going up, then asking who he thinks should be sent home. Paul said that he hasn’t yet pieced that all together.

You can catch up on how the rest of the day went here.

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