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Big Brother 19: Cody and Paul Get Into An Argument

After Cody and Jessica were blindsided by Paul for a third time at the nominations, things got heated when the pair came to speak to Paul in the HOH room.

Once Jessica revealed her temptation to the house yesterday, she figured that nobody would try nominating her or Cody, but Paul was thinking the exact opposite. He wanted to nominate the two of them to flush out whatever the temptation was. Going into the nomination ceremony, Jessica didn’t think Cody would even be a pawn, let alone the both of them going up.

When Paul brought Cody and Jessica up to the HOH room, Cody instantly told Paul that this week means nothing. Jessica tried telling Cody to be quiet, to let her do the talking. Jessica told Paul that he doesn’t know what he just did, but Paul said he didn’t even know what that means, stating that he believed Jessica when she said she had safety, but wanted to call the bluff when it came to that including Cody too. Paul said that he had nine people wanting this move made. When Cody questioned since when Paul did what nine people wanted, Paul explained to Cody that nine person is nearly the entire house.

This is when things got heated. Cody told Paul that Paul was just down there saying how much he knew the game and that Cody said he thought that Paul was smarter than he is. Cody added that he’s sick of how much Paul says he knows about the game. When Jessica began to get aggravated and tell Paul that he just doesn’t get it, Paul asked Jessica to lower her voice. This is when Cody went off, telling Paul that he treats the others like dogs, but said that he’s not going to treat Jessica that way. Paul told Cody to leave the room, to which Cody responded with “f*ck you, paul”. Paul called Cody an “emotional p*ssy” and repeated the demand for Cody to leave the room. Cody began leaving the room, asking Paul what he was going to do about it. The two took the argument into the kitchen, with Cody telling Paul that he’s just a character. Paul told Cody to grow up, reminding him of his age several times.


When they got back downstairs, Jessica was very upset with Cody. When Cody explained that he got upset over Paul telling her to keep her voice down, Jessica raised her voice, saying that much worse could have been said. Cody said that Jessica’s default move is to blame him. Jessica said that she already went through this once this week and that she had it all planned out. Jessica explained that Cody took it to a personal level and that she has seen his character, warning him that he’s going to be portrayed as the villain. When Cody pressed her on that, Jessica said that she didn’t want to go over this again, nearly yelling at Cody. Jessica questioned Cody if this is what he’s going to be like in real life, being a hot head and getting into fights, before storming out of the room and leaving Cody all alone.

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