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Big Brother 19: Christmas Returns After Surgery

Christmas finally returned from surgery that she underwent Wednesday afternoon. While the surgery was successful, the actual injury to Christmas’ foot turned out to be much worse than they first expected.

Originally they only believed that Christmas tore ligaments in her foot and broken it in two places, which would have been bad enough, but they discovered during surgery that 10 bones were actually broken, with one being so bad that they had to replace it with a donor bone. She also had four dislocated bones and a dislocated ligament. She had pins, screws, and plates put into her foot.

Worst of all, they don’t believe that Christmas will regain full mobility of the foot. This surgery alone will take a year to recover from, but after that, arthritis in Christmas’ foot will set in within the next 1-5 years. Once that happens, she’ll have to get another surgery done.

Christmas does plan to stay in the house and said that she’ll be in a better place by the time the next competition comes around because she’ll be in a boot. She said that she doesn’t want pity from anyone and if someone gets HOH and wants to put her up, that is just something that she’ll have to deal with.

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