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Big Brother 19: Christmas Injures Her Foot

We have had houseguests injure themselves before, but not as bad as what seemingly happened to Christmas this morning when she was messing around with Jason.

While we know the cause of the injury, it initially happening wasn’t on the live feeds. We only saw the cameras cut to Christmas laying in the backyard, calling on Jason to go get help, saying that she knows she just broke her foot and could feel the blood swelling. Jason ended up explaining later how it happened; He was carrying Christmas around on his back and running around, but then he slipped and fell.

Jason said that he saw something poking out of the bottom of Christmas’ foot afterwards, giving us somewhat of an idea as to how bad the injury could possibly be. Jason also noted that after carrying Christmas to the DR, she asked production if she could come back next season if she weren’t cable to finish out this season because of her foot.

Jessica also said that the houseguests were told that if taking Christmas to the hospital was needed, Christmas was guaranteed entry back into the house after being discharged.

We’ll continue to keep this post updated as we learn more.


Update: Christmas is back in the house with crutches and a cast. She tore ligaments in the arch of her foot. She will be going back to the hospital to get an MRI on Wednesday to see if there is any fractures.

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