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Big Brother 19: Christmas Confronts Mark

We all thought it was going to be a fairly boring week with Cody being sent home with no drama, but an argument in front of the house broke out less than 24 hours into the new week.

Christmas’ disdain for Mark and specifically Elena have been public knowledge for a fairly long time now, only it’s never came to the surface, but that changed when Mark overheard Christmas whispering to Alex as they were walking down the stairs about him and Elena talking game in the bathroom with Cody.

When Mark asked her about it, Christmas said that she overheard him and Elena talking game to Cody. When Mark asked her what game, Christmas said that she heard him asking whether of not he threw the veto. Mark said that he doesn’t view that as talking game and said that he just wants to know why she didn’t say something out loud when they were all just in a room together instead of waiting until she was one on one with the HOH. Christmas said that she didn’t think it was appropriate to blow up his spot, which only prompted Mark to ask again why she didn’t come to him about it. Christmas said that she didn’t need to. Mark asked if Christmas and Alex are together, questioning if that is the only person Christmas talks to. Christmas said that Mark is being a bully.

Christmas then moved the argument to Mark’s vote to keep her, saying that he only did it because it’s what the house wanted since Mark was the one who campaigned for her to go up. Mark insisted that it was a personal choice, but Christmas didn’t believe him and said that it was because he’s a flip flopper. Christmas told Mark that he was in an alliance with Cody. Mark said that Christmas was in that same alliance he was. When Christmas asked Mark to swear on his grandparents that he didn’t tell Cody to put her on the block, Mark said that he doesn’t swear on anything. Mark then turned it on Christmas, saying that he knows that she was one of the three votes to keep Cody on the week that Cody went out. Christmas questioned why she would want to stir the pot when she was just about to go into surgery.

Christmas told Mark that he campaigned for Cody to put her up because he didn’t like the questions that she asked about him and Elena. Mark said that he hasn’t liked much about her since day one in general. Josh then joined in, saying that Mark might be saying that he doesn’t flip on people, but flipped the moment that he saw that Josh stayed over Ramses. Christmas told Mark that he flips any time he doesn’t have the house on his side and said that he flips like a pancake when he sees he’s in the minority. Josh said that when he stayed, Mark showed America how disloyal he is by turning on Cody and Jessica. Paul asked Mark if he knew about Cody wanting to backdoor him. Mark said no, but Christmas said that she heard something completely different.

Josh then went to ask Cody if he had an alliance with Mark. Cody said that he’s done talking game. Josh told Cody that he wants him to know that Mark has been completely disloyal to him. Cody said that he knows he has no friends in the house. Paul joined Josh, asking Cody if Mark knew about Paul being backdoored. Cody said no, that when he brought up Paul’s name to Mark, Mark wasn’t about it so Cody said he backed off the idea.


When Josh and Paul went to talk with Cody, the main fight in the kitchen dispersed for the most part, with Paul then going to tell Mark that Cody said that Mark knew about the idea, but Cody had backed off of it. Mark said that he had no idea, to which Paul said that he thinks that Cody is lying and told Mark to chill out. In reality, Paul later told Jason and Kevin that Christmas and Josh were both making good points against Mark.

It’s interesting that this happened just after Mark won his third competition in two weeks, with Christmas knowing that he’s safe and she’s unlikely going to be able to compete to save herself if Mark were to win an HOH. Time will only tell if a larger target is put on Elena’s back because of this.

  • karla Gierer

    Get rid of Christmas,Paul,Matt, Raven, Alex, Jason, Kevin,Josh, Elana make Cody 1 and Mark 2

    • Louise in NC

      Ewww. Cody is a psychopath and needs to leave asap

      • karla Gierer

        Oh but the other ones aren’t? They are also backstabbers on top of it. Do you know Raven & Paul are together outside the BB and that Raven is a fraud it’s all over u tube watch the video of her go fund me account. Cody is honest and respectful to our country Paul would trade on us. And Christmas hasn’t done nothing she should of went home she ruined it for others. And face it Matt and Raven have floated and wait until he finds out about Paul. I think Josh is a big baby Kevin isn’t going to make it to the end and he’s not Physically able and Mark might not because of his size. Alex thinks she a dude the way she talks and Jason loves to tell everyone’s business like a girl. Elana also should of been gone. BB 19 allowed Paul to play like this and fake Raven along with keeping Christmas inside after being hurt which wasn’t being fare at all. And let’s face it the house has been against Cody because it’s personal they don’t like him or believe him but he’s was in the military for 8 years wait when they find out. It was the house against 2 the whole game that’s never been like that there were no trying to build teams at all Paul has been playing the whole game and they all drank his Kool-aid it was sorta not fun this year and I had stopped watching it because of some shady things BB would do. I guess I will go back to that again.

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