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Big Brother 19: Christmas and Josh Begin To Question Paul

To the ire of a lot of fans, Paul has been dominating the game so far this summer, with virtually everyone but two people on his side, but now his two closest allies have begun to question his loyalty.

Going into this week, the only people who ever really questioned Paul was Jessica and Cody, who haven’t been an ally of his since the first week. Kevin has made comments in passing and so has Jason, but both were still ultimately loyal to Paul. However, that seems to be changing this week, as Paul has been ignoring the wishes of Josh and Christmas has been egging on Josh’s new suspicious feelings about Paul.

The first indicator was the first night of Josh’s HOH after Paul had left the room and Christmas told Josh that she loves Paul, but for him to not listen to everything that he says. She has continued fanning those flames this morning, telling Josh that Paul is in Elena’s pocket and proof of that was Paul having a private conversation with her again directly after nominations. Josh responded to Christmas by saying that Paul is either with him or against him, stating that if Josh wants Elena to go home, Elena is going home. Christmas continued by saying that Paul has been floating from one to the other too much. Josh said that he’s noticed that too and that it’s starting to piss him off. Christmas told Josh that they’re in the Big Brother house, not Paul’s house. Christmas finally added that Paul is going to have to pick a side and right now it seems as though he’s choosing Elena.


Christmas continued with the anti-Paul sentiment later in the day, telling Josh that every time that she’s in a room with Paul, he’ll say that the eight present are those who are going to make it to final eight together, but that eight always changes based on who is in the room with him. Josh said that he never questioned Paul before this week, but now it seems as though Paul would rather protect Elena than work with the two of them. Josh also added that he was able to confirm last night that Paul has been feeding Elena information behind their backs. Christmas said that Paul has been working with every single person in the house, including having total control over most of them.

These conversations were always during, after, or before conversations about whether to keep trying to get the votes to flip and evict Elena this week or to stick with the original plan to evict Jessica. They have flipped back and forth well over a dozen times now, but this latest conversation about Paul resulted in Christmas and Josh agreeing to just get Jessica out. Christmas voiced concern about Cody never honoring a deal they make with him and Josh voiced concerned of Paul turning on him if they got Elena out, since Josh said that it seems as though Paul would never understand why.

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