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Big Brother 19: Christmas and Jessica Hash It Out

One of the most strained relationships in the house is that between Christmas and Jessica, as both women don’t like each other too much after Jessica’s boyfriend blindsided Christmas and Jessica interpreted a conversation with Christmas as a threat to either ditch Cody or become a target. They finally hashed things out this afternoon.

With Cody going home Thursday, it’s up to Jessica to begin repairing relationships with her fellow houseguests or only increase the likelihood that she follows Cody out the door. Jessica initiated today’s conversation with Christmas, stepping into the back bedroom for privacy.

Jessica started off the conversation by telling Christmas that this conversation was hard for her to have because she’s coming from a position of weakness, but told Christmas that everything she was going to say was genuine. Jessica told Christmas that she gave her a choice of to either abandon Cody and hang out with the original alliance or become targets, adding that she understood why Christmas would be coming after Cody, but said that when Christmas attacked her, she was surprised. Jessica went on, saying that Christmas has been really mean to her lately and making her life harder in the house.

Jessica questioned Christmas as to how she hurt her on a personal level when Jessica said that she never once attacked Christmas’ character. Christmas told Jessica that she wasn’t threatening Jessica with a target during that original conversation that Jessica thinks she did, stating that when she had the conversation, she didn’t believe Jessica had any influence over Cody, adding that she also never said that she was going to come after Jessica. Christmas clarified, saying that what she was saying is for Jessica to make her own actions more clear so that she stands out rather than having her game lumped together with Cody’s. Christmas said that if Jessica actually were here target, she never would have taken this time to sit down with her.

Christmas told Jessica that she has no problem with being campaigned against, but said that the issue starts when Jessica started making up lies about what was said in their original conversation. Jessica said that she isn’t sure there actually was any miscommunication between them because she said that she felt like that really was the message that Christmas was trying to send. Christmas told Jessica that she could have asked for clarity because she would have told her exactly what she meant. Jessica said that she wasn’t trying to spread lies and rumors about what was said, but Christmas said that Jessica was lying to people if she didn’t clarify from the start that this is just how Jessica interpreted the conversation rather than trying to make it seem like Christmas said these things verbatim.

Jessica told Christmas that she’s not trying to be catty and is just trying to get them back to neutral ground. Christmas agreed, saying that they can live cordially together, but said that she can promise to get past what happened, but couldn’t guarantee that she will. Jessica said that she didn’t mean to hurt Christmas’ feelings and apologized if she did. Christmas asked for a hug, which they did, before going their separate ways.

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