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Big Brother 19: Battle Back Showdown Results

Each year some of the houseguests who were evicted before jury are given the chance to battle their way back into the house. Since the schedule was quickened by Megan’s self-eviction, this year’s battle back is already here!

Last year’s Battle Back competition was also in a showdown formant, but the evictees took each other one-on-one. This year’s battle back was done in three separate rounds. The first round was all four evictees going against each other. The first two to finish would move onto the second round. The major twist was that a current houseguest would be given the chance to halt the return.

The houseguests would vote on who they want to compete against the possible returnee in the third and final round. If the houseguest who was voted to compete against the possible returnee won, nobody would return to the game and the season would move on as usual.


Round One –


  • Cody & Cameron advance

Round Two – 

  • Cody advances to face the House Challenger


Paul received all 11 votes to compete against Cody


Round Three –

  • Cody beats Paul, earning his spot back into the house


While this may seem like something that could seriously shake up the house with someone who could actually go after Paul, Cody made it clear in several post-eviction interviews that his intentions if he were to make it back into the house was to actually team up with Paul to go after the people who he believed betrayed him. This was also made clear the day before Cody was actually evicted, when he actually made nice with Paul behind closed doors. However, This is Big Brother and things can always chance.

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