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Big Brother 19: Anti-Kevin Crusade Begins

We’ve dealt with the houseguests talking behind Kevin’s back for the last several weeks, but things finally came to a head today when Christmas and Josh confronted him.

Paul and his group have spent the last few weeks pinning a target on Kevin’s back by any means necessary, which resulted in virtually the entire house being against Kevin and on board with the plan to target him as soon as possible. While Kevin did know something was up with his relationship with Alex, he had no idea of the extent to how many people that have turned against him.

Christmas was the first to confront him this afternoon after getting upset about Kevin asking if she wanted to go to the pool with him, which she took as a deliberate dig since she has a boot and can’t swim. Kevin tried to clarify that he meant sit on the side of the pool like they have been doing all summer, but she said that Kevin should say exactly what he means next time. After that back and forth lasted a couple minutes, Josh joined in.

Josh said that Kevin thinks that Josh is the goofy and stupid one when in reality Josh said that he’s onto Kevin’s game. Josh brought up Kevin telling allegedly telling Josh to not be a follower and talking behind his back, but Kevin told Josh not to flatter himself by thinking that Kevin spends him time talking about him. Josh tried pinning the $25,000 from the first day of the season on Kevin by asking about who won it, but Kevin responded by asking Josh, stating that Josh is the one who told Kevin that he took it. Josh asked Kevin to swear on his kids that he didn’t take the money, which set Kevin off.

Kevin at this point really raised his voice, telling Josh to never bring his kids into this again, then said that he can’t answer him because he’ll end up hurting Josh and be taken out of the game like Josh ultimately wants. After this, the feeds went down for over an hour while the two were separated.


Once the feeds returned, it only took about 15 minutes for the duo to seemingly make up, but Josh was back to talking behind Kevin’s back within 10 minutes to Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Paul. Paul is already organizing another confrontation with Kevin next week, with Alex wanting everyone to get on it and one at a time each go at Kevin. It’s also worth noting that this seemingly convinced Raven that Kevin is why Matt is going home, though she’s starting to come around and see that Alex and Jason were mainly behind it, though still have no idea about the role that Paul played.

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