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Big Brother 19: Alex & Ramses Compare Notes On Kevin

Kevin has been the one person that has been able to successfully play both sides of the house without getting caught or even suspected, but he might have bitten off more than he can chew with yesterday’s eviction vote.

While Kevin and Paul have maintained a quiet but close relationship, Kevin has mainly been spending nearly all his time in the house with Alex and Jason. Since he was so close to those two, they didn’t suspect a thing when Kevin kept his word to Paul to vote to evict Jillian. Kevin made it all the way to Tuesday night with Alex and Jason believing him and blaming Ramses for the vote, but Ramses finally pleaded his full case to  Alex and Jason, who both seem to believe him.

Ramses began by telling Jason and Alex that Kevin is always talking about how he trusts Paul and how Paul is always calling Kevin up to the HOH room to speak privately. Ramses went on to say that Kevin has been able to play both sides of the house perfectly. Jason asked Ramses if he didn’t vote out Jillian, to which Ramses adamantly refused, saying that Jillian was his best friend. Ramses said that he didn’t want to believe that Kevin could have flipped on them to be loyal to Paul because it’s Kevin, but that is what it is. Jason said that learning this about Kevin sucks.

Kevin interrupted that conversation, but it was brought back up when Kevin left the room again. Ramses told Alex that he didn’t vote to evict Jillian because that wouldn’t make any sense for his game. Ramses added that every time he has a conversation with Kevin now, it’s always Kevin trying to find out who Ramses voted out. Ramses said that Kevin even told him that he might have a vote coming his way this week, but not to worry because Cody is the bigger target. Alex said that Kevin is going to send them all home by accident. Ramses said that Kevin and Josh are both working closely with Paul’s group. Alex said that they no longer have the numbers because Kevin and Josh screwed them. Ramses said that they just have to win HOH.

Alex told Ramses that even if they win HOH and do get Jessica out, they’re going to be the next targets. Ramses said that they could possibly pull Jessica in to work with them. Ramses said to keep telling Jessica how much the other side hates her, in hopes of bringing her closer into their fold, but Alex said that Jessica is crazy. Kevin walked in after this comment, breaking up the conversation. We’re sure to hear more of it tomorrow afternoon.

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