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Big Brother 18: Zingbot POV Competition Rewards and Punishments

Yesterday’s POV competition was the beloved and much-anticipated Zingbot one. This year Zingbot brought more than just zings, he also brought along some rewards and punishments!


All six houseguests that played in the veto competition were given either a reward or a punishment. There were three rewards given out and three punishments, with two of the three punishments involving a costume. While one of the rewards does count as the veto itself, the other two were actually worth going for.

While only two houseguests were given punishments that involve a signal, it’ll be as though the entire house is getting punished since the loud alert and signal will be played throughout the entire house, including in the middle of the night, which has already been done once.


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Big Brother 18 Zingbot Rewards –

  • Victor won the Power of Veto
  • James won $5,000
  • Nicole won a trip to anywhere in the USA, which she says she’ll go to Hawaii with Corey.


Big Brother 18 Zingbot Punishments –

  • Corey has to wear a patriotic unitard
  • Paul has to wear a secret service uniform, having to frisk the houseguests and clear all five checkpoints whenever the “Red Alert” is sounded.
  • Paulie has to make apple pies whenever signaled

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Both Corey and Paul, including Nicole’s “Super Safety” costume, will have to be worn all week long no matter what, from sleeping in them to swimming in them. Paul was even given special suit shorts that he’ll have to wear along with a tie in the swimming pool, which is another time that the Red Alert is likely to be signaled.

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