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Big Brother 18: Zakiyah and Paulie Had Another Falling Out

Paulie and Zakiyah have had a flirtmance since the season started, but only just recently have they been getting into these arguments. However, these arguments aren’t just normal couple arguments, they’re relating to game and they’ve nearly completely turned each other against one another.


Their entire argument yesterday was about something that Michelle had said while Zakiyah was in the room. Michelle made a comment that Corey, Nicole, and Paulie had been whispering a lot lately, but Zakiyah hadn’t reported everything back to Paulie like he had wanted her to. Instead, James was the one who told Paulie about it. Once Paulie asked Zakiyah about it, she tried protecting Michelle, which didn’t go over so well.

The confrontation started last night at around 8:50pm. Paulie told Zakiyah that she hadn’t been coming clean to her about who was in the room, that she had tried to say that it was just Michelle and Victor when she knows that wasn’t true. Paulie explained to her that the fact she’d hide this sort of thing made him question where she’s taking the information that he had been giving her. Zakiyah first tried to say that when she said there were three people, she wasn’t counting herself, but that wasn’t an answer that Paulie would accept.

Zakiyah began to cry, telling Paulie that she didn’t understand how she went from telling Paulie everything since knew since week one, to him accusing her of being a liar. Paulie said that he didn’t call her a liar, but that he had given her three separate chances to come clean about it but she still didn’t. The conversation began to get a little off topic when Zakiyah told Paulie that he was being cold with her, which put Paulie in defense mode, saying that he’s only talking logically about what actually happened. Paulie told her that she was trying to make things more complex than they needed to be, which Zakiyah finally snapped back at him, telling Paulie not to tell her what she’s trying to do. Paulie then got up and walked out of the room, telling Zakiyah that the conversation was over.

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After both Paulie and Zakiyah retold their conversation to multiple different people, Zakiyah finally talked with Michelle, who she actually trusts at around 10:55pm last night. Zakiyah told Michelle that she’s done trying to protect Paulie and that she felt like he created this fight so that they could disconnect from each other emotionally. Michelle told her that since there isn’t an emotional relationship anymore, there shouldn’t be a physical one neither. Zakiyah agreed, stating that she wasn’t ever going to do that again. Zakiyah and Michelle both said that they’re onto Paulie’s crap now and the two said that they wouldn’t want to see Paulie win and would give whomever he’s up against in the final two their vote.

However, early this morning at 12:55am, Zakiyah came back upstairs to be with Paulie. They hugged it out, both apologizing to the other for what happened. Though that isn’t why Zakiyah came back upstairs. She was back up there to play Paulie’s game, which is attempt to get what she wants from him like she believes he did to her. Zakiyah began to push for Da’Vonne to stay, telling Paulie that Da’Vonne had never once say his name to her and that she’d never put him up since she has told people that him and Paul are two of the people she genuinely trusts. Paulie went along with it, knowing what Zakiyah was doing since prior to their conversation, Michelle had showed her hand to Victor in an attempt to throw shade at him. Once Victor reported back to Paul and Paulie, Paulie knew that Zakiyah was likely to put him up if she is to ever win HOH.

Paulie still has plans to target Zakiyah in the next couple of weeks, while Zakiyah has told Da’Vonne after being asked if she was willing to get Paulie out that she couldn’t be the person to get Paulie out, but she would vote against Paulie if she was the one vote that was needed. Zakiyah seems to still have feelings for Paulie, as she continued to ask people she typically didn’t about what Paulie thinks about her, such as James and Natalie. Only time will tell what will happen with this relationship, but what we do know is that it’s been a relatively toxic one.

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