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Big Brother 18: Who Had The Round Trip Ticket?

Today was the last day for the round trip tickets to be valid, so if tonight’s evictee didn’t have it, everyone else’s tickets would all expire.


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Since the twist was first revealed, Frank, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, and Bridgette all opened their tickets just to find out that it was a one way ticket and they would not be returning to the house. It was revealed tonight after Paulie was evicted that he didn’t have the round trip ticket either, meaning that nobody will be utilizing this twist.

Since everyone’s tickets expired and it didn’t matter anymore, Julie instructed each of the houseguests to open up their tickets to figure out who actually did end up having the ticket. After each houseguest opened their ticket, it was revealed that Paul, the first person to find Paris and chose a ticket, was the one who had the round trip ticket. While this doesn’t mean anything, it is still fun to know just who had it.

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