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Big Brother 18: Week 9 Targets

We’ll be finishing up a pretty crazy week later tonight during the live eviction episode, which means that we’ll be heading into a new week with new people in power. We’re here to break down who each person plans to go after if they win.


As it stands, Corey and Paulie are nominated, but with Paulie being the obvious choice for who everyone plans to vote out tonight. Paulie’s only hope is to have the round trip ticket, and if he does have the round trip ticket, he already knows who he’ll target if he were to return. However, this week’s America’s Care Package could throw a wrench in any of these plans depending on who the recipient is.

Corey and Nicole discussed that they’d nominate Paul and Victor if either of them were to win HOH. These are the same nominees that Paulie has in mind, but Paulie wants to have James as his backup target while Corey and Nicole aren’t as likely to do that. Nicole has made her disdain for Michelle clear, frequently talking about how much Michelle reminds her of Christine for her season. It’s unclear who Corey’s backup target would be if either Paul or Victor came down, but Nicole’s pawn would likely be Michelle.

James, Michelle, Natalie, and Paul on the other hand all have the same target in mind. They’re wanting to put up Corey and Nicole with the intention on sending Corey home, but would be equally fine with sending Nicole home if Corey were to win the veto or save himself by some other means. The pawn that James, Natalie, and Paul would use is Michelle, as Paul has repeated numerous times that Michelle told him that she’s okay with being the pawn if Corey or Nicole were to come down.

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If either Michelle, Paul, or Victor won America’s 4th Care Package, their first choice would be to put up Corey, but if Corey were HOH, they’d put up Nicole, and vice versa. If Corey were to receive the care package while James, Michelle, Natalie, or Paul were HOH, he’d most likely put up either Paul or Victor, depending on which of those four won HOH. That all being said, plans can change as new alliances are formed, but as it sits, that’s very unlikely. A line has been drawn in the house and that line doesn’t look like it’ll be moving anytime soon.

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