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Big Brother 18: Week 9 POV Ceremony Results

The main target for this week will be pulling himself off today, leaving only a backup target and a pawn that’ll replace the main target. However, things could possibly change before Thursday.


James has been unwavering this week on his quest to send either Paul or Victor home, ensuring that Corey and Nicole will both be around to work with him and Natalie next week. Whenever someone is able to sway Natalie’s decision, he has made sure to get her back on track while they’re in private. Something significant is going to have to happen to change that this week.

Natalie cried over how bad she felt for Victor, but after Paul won the veto, James still managed to convince her that it was the right move to target him this week, meaning that today’s replacement nominee is likely only going to be a pawn.


Big Brother 18 Week 9 POV Ceremony Results –

  • Paul used the veto on himself
  • Michelle nominated Corey as the replacement nominee
  • Either Corey or Victor will be evicted on Thursday


Corey is another big target, which leaves the chance that Michelle could convince Natalie to want to get him out, but it’ll be an uphill battle. Paul seems to have caught onto the plan to evict Victor, so he’ll be working as much as he can to get James on board, as James is the one who controls who goes home this week with his one deciding vote.

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