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Big Brother 18: Week 9 Nomination Ceremony Results

This week’s nomination ceremony is going to be unlike any other this season, as two separate HOHs will get to nominate one houseguest each.


Natalie won HOH last night while Michelle was given co-HOH by America via the care package. Corey and Nicole were the clear targets going into this week, but Nicole managed to get into Natalie’s ear and convince her that Paul had been throwing her and James under the bus, which Natalie ended up believing, going on to turn James against Paul as well.

It came down to what Michelle would do with her HOH, as she had been working with Paul and Victor up until this point as well, but was also close to Natalie. It didn’t take much convincing from Natalie to get Michelle on board. What’s interesting is that Paul and Victor expect Natalie to put them up, but they had no idea that Michelle would be in on it.


Big Brother 18 Week 9 Nominations –

  • Natalie nominated Victor
  • Michelle nominated Paul


This means that lines have been drawn in the sand and there is likely no going back. Michelle and Natalie will both just have to trust that Corey and Nicole will actually have their back now that they’ve turned on two of their allies that have proven can consistently win competitions. Now everything just comes down to the veto competition.

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