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Big Brother 18: Week 9 HOH Competition Results

This week’s HOH competition is pivotal, especially now that Paulie is gone and it was revealed that he didn’t have the round trip ticket. However, the care package this week might be someone’s saving grace.

Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother HOH competition - Source: CBS

Going into this new week, it seemed like Corey and Nicole were going to be alone with nothing they could do to save themselves, however, after Paulie’s eviction, Nicole managed to successfully turn James and Natalie against Paul, thus creating a new final four deal with James and Natalie. Though all that matters is who wins tonight’s HOH.

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This week’s HOH won’t get to make the nomination decisions alone, however, as this week’s America’s Care Package recipient will get to make one of the two nominations. We won’t know exactly who receiving it would make biggest impact, as allegiances are currently up in the air.


Big Brother 18 Week 9 Head of Household Competition –

  • Natalie


She’ll only get to put up one nominee this week, but she won’t know that until tomorrow morning. It’ll be interesting to see if her nominee changes once she finds out what the care package this week is. We won’t know for sure until after the care package reveal when Natalie is bound to talk to James about which nominee she’ll nominate herself.

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