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Big Brother 18: Week 9 Eviction Results

We’ve made it to another eviction, however, tonight’s eviction won’t be like any of the previous evictions this summer. Tonight’s evictee will be instantly compete with the first five jurors for the ability to return to the house.


While we know that a juror will be returning, the houseguests have no idea. Some have tried speculating, but James made sure to shut down the idea once anyone brought it up. That being said, they’ll be voting with the idea that whoever they vote out won’t have the chance to be returning to the house, which could possibly come back to bite them.

Paul and Victor executed a plan last night in a last ditch effort to save Victor this week, which ended up falling flat, but another last ditch effort only hours before the eviction might have been enough to sway James’ vote!


Big Brother 18 Week 9 Votes –

  • James votes to evict Victor
  • Nicole votes to evict Victor
  • Paul votes to evict Corey
  • By a vote of 2-1, Victor has been evicted

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