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Big Brother 18: Week 9 Eviction Plans

Things were shaken up this week when Michelle and Natalie decided to put up two people they were working with, but once Paul managed to win the veto and take himself off, it created the opportunity for Corey, the original target going into the week, to be backdoored.


Once the target had switched from Corey and Nicole, it was placed onto Paul’s back. The person that everyone was gunning to get out this week was Paul, but he managed to save himself this week, much to the displeasure of James, Michelle, and Natalie. While he’s continue to be their number one target into next week, they’d still of much preferred to take him out this week.

With Paul taking himself off the block and Corey being put up as the replacement, it secured two of the three votes to evict. It’s obvious that Nicole is going to vote to keep Corey and that Paul will vote to keep Victor. Which leaves the swing vote with James.

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While Paul and Victor did try a couple different plans, some of which actually ended up working on Michelle and Natalie, but James never budged. He was dead set on getting Victor out this week after Paul had pulled himself off the block. He had a deal with Corey that he believed he could trust and didn’t have much of a relationship at all with Victor. With that all being said, unless something drastic happens from now until the live show, Victor will likely be evicted by a 2-1 vote.

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