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Big Brother 18: Week 8 POV Results

This week’s veto competition is arguably one of the most important and consequential of the summer, as Victor put up the two biggest targets that have been nominated at once all summer.


Victor nominated Corey and Paulie, with the intention of sending Paulie home this week. The players who were picked to play alongside them were James, Nicole, and Paul. Corey and Paulie will literally both be fighting for their lives as if one of them does come down, the other will be the one going home.

Neither Victor, James, or Paul have any plan on using the veto if they win it. All three have plans to try their hardest to win the veto so that they can ensure that Paulie is sent home. However, Nicole is the one exception to nobody using the veto, as she’d obviously use it to take Corey off the block, which would result in Michelle going up, but only as a pawn.


Big Brother 18 Week 8 Power of Veto Competition Results –

  • Victor


Today’s compensation was Zingbot, one of the best competitions of the summer, meaning that Wednesday’s episode is going to be a great one! As for what Victor winning this competition means; the nominations are going to be kept the same and Paulie is likely to be sent home unless something dramatic happens from now until Monday morning at the veto ceremony.

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