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Big Brother 18: Week 8 POV Ceremony Results

The fate of this week’s nominees will completely come down to today’s veto meeting. If nobody is taken off, one of the biggest players in the house will be taken out this Thursday.


Victor nominated Corey and Paulie with the intention of sending Paulie home. Victor winning the veto ensured that he could do whatever he’d like this week. However, Paulie wasn’t going to go down without a fight. He used everything in the book to try to get Victor to use the veto, but Victor didn’t seem to be budging.

Paulie went from trying to get Michelle put up, to get Natalie put up, to trying to get James put up, and when all that failed, he started to swear on his aunt that is dying of cancer that he wouldn’t put Paul or Victor up if he managed to win HOH, but ultimately it all came down to what Victor wants to do this week.

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Big Brother 18 Week 8 POV Ceremony Results –

  • Victor decided to NOT use the veto.
  • Either Corey or Paulie will be evicted on Thursday.


This all but completely brings Paulie’s game to a close, as he’s made it very clear that he would never campaign against Corey. Paulie’s only hope now is to either have the round trip ticket or for there to be a battle back competition since someone will likely have to come back or a week be reset to keep the season on schedule.

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