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Big Brother 18: Week 8 POV Ceremony Plans

It’s been a crazy week so far with two of the biggest targets of the summer being put up, along with a house meeting to call Paulie out and much more! That being said, today’s veto meeting will determine the fate of another houseguest.


Victor nominated Corey and Paulie this week with the intention of sending Paulie home. After Victor managed to win the veto, it only solidified his plan and all but ensured Paulie’s fate, but Paulie didn’t give up easily. From trying to get Natalie put up to trying to use his aunt with cancer as a reason to keep him in the house another week, Paulie tried hard to get someone on the block that he’s willing to campaign against, since he’s refusing to campaign against Corey.

While Paulie tried everything to get Victor to use the veto, Victor wasn’t budging. Victor even told Paulie that it doesn’t make any sense for him to use the veto and would just be taking an unnecessary risk. When Paulie tried making the claim that he knew he was going home, but just wanted someone next to him that he could campaign against just a little bit, Victor told him that he can campaign against Corey if he wants and if he knows he’s going home, being up against Corey or someone else shouldn’t matter to him.

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That all being said, it’s obvious that Victor will not be using the veto, ensuring that Corey and Paulie are nominated for Thursday’s eviction and will give them the ability to finally vote Paulie out like they have all been planning. The only thing that’ll be able to save Paulie now is the round trip ticket or winning the jury buyback.

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