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Big Brother 18: Week 8 Nomination Plans

The plan going into this week was for anyone other than Paulie or Nicole to win HOH, and with that happening, it allowed to Paul, Victor, Natalie, James, and Michelle to move ahead with their plan to finally take a shot at the person who has been controlling the house if they wanted to.


If Victor goes through with this plan, it’s going to be the biggest set of nominations that have been up all summer long, and this time with the intention of actually sending one of them home, not just using them as a pawn to get out a weaker target who isn’t in their alliance. Not to mention that today’s nominations will be a complete blindside.

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Paul, along with James, Michelle, and Natalie have been pushing Victor to nominate Corey alongside Paulie. They’ve been adamant that if they don’t take that shot now, it’s going to be them instead who end up going home since this is their one and only shot to finally get Paulie out of the house. Victor told them not to worry, that he’ll get the job done and make his speech a good one.

The two nominees will likely be Corey and Paulie, with Michelle as the backup pawns, depending on who wins veto. Corey and Paulie are completely under the impression that Michelle is going up alongside Natalie or Nicole, but they’ll find out soon enough that isn’t happening.

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