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Big Brother 18: Week 8 Nomination Ceremony Results

Today’s nomination ceremony is going to be the biggest of the summer, with two huge targets being put on the block for the first time together. Just to make things even more interesting, it’s also going to be a blindside!


This week’s HOH is the same person who made nominations last week, Victor. He managed to pull out anther HOH win after Corey won the double eviction HOH. Corey, Nicole, and Paulie still think that they have Victor under control, but what they don’t know is that Paul, someone who they also think they still have under control, has gone rogue, linking up with James, Michelle, and Natalie.

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Paul has been working on Victor even since he won HOH, telling him to nominate Corey and Paulie since they finally have the chance and won’t have it again. Paul and James drilled it into Victor’s mind that Corey and Paulie would never take 3 other strong guys to the final five like the promised, so if they weren’t to take this shot now, they’re the ones who would be getting screwed over by them next week. Victor told them that he’d get the job done, but we weren’t going to be able to know for sure until after nominations.


Big Brother 18 Week 8 Nominations –

  • Corey and Paulie


Corey and Paulie being nominated was the last thing those two were expecting, as Victor had told them that he was going to nominate Michelle and Nicole or Natalie. Paulie knows that he’ll be all on his own, having to win the veto for himself or else he’s going to stay nominated, as Nicole is obviously going to use it on Corey if she wins it. It’s going to be an interesting rest of the week as Corey and Paulie handle being put to the fire.

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