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Big Brother 18: Week 8 HOH Competition Results

Tonight’s HOH competition is following the hectic double eviction where Paulie, Corey, and Nicole were blindsided with Zakiyah’s eviction and put on the spot by Michelle in both of her speeches.


Paulie and Nicole know that it was them vs the entire house tonight during the double eviction, so both know that they’re in for some trouble if someone other than the two of them manage to pull out the win tonight. On the other side of the house, Paul has been pushing for Corey and Paulie to go up, which would easily be the biggest move of the season thus far.

Paulie has talked about putting up James and Natalie for the way he left them out to dry during Zakiyah’s eviction. Nicole just wants to make sure that they win power so that they can mend relationships. Paul and Victor plan to work with whatever side of the house wins power, as they’re trusted by both at this point.


Big Brother 18 Week 8 Head of Household Competition –

  • Victor

Victor and Paul talked about getting Paulie out this week, only difference between the two is that Paul wanted to nominate Corey and Paulie outright, while Victor wanted to use the backdoor option. Paul is sure to try to convince him to put them up outright, but it’s even possible that neither happens, though unlikely.

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