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Big Brother 18: Week 8 Eviction Results

It’s been a busy week and it’s all going to be coming to a head tonight during the live eviction episode. Everything that Victor’s been working for will finally come to fruition.

Julie Chen is back for Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Victor nominated Corey and Paulie alongside each other on Friday, marking one of the biggest moves made of the summer. Victor gave Paulie the chance to play in the veto, something that Paulie didn’t give Victor the chance to do. However, Paulie lost that veto, sealing his fate going into tonight’s eviction. The promise Victor made from sequester to go after Paulie is being fulfilled tonight.

Tonight also marks the lats week of the “Ticket Twist” that gave houseguests the chance of having a round trip ticket that would allow them to return to the house directly after being evicted if it was revealed that they had the round trip instead of a one way ticket. If Paulie doesn’t have the round trip ticket, the twist is over regardless and everyone else’s cards will be voided.


Big Brother 18 Week 8 Votes –

  • James voted to evict Paulie
  • Michelle voted to evict Paulie
  • Natalie voted to evict Paulie
  • Nicole voted to evict Paulie
  • Paul voted to evict Paulie
  • By a vote of 5-0, Paulie has been evicted
  • Paulie did NOT have the round trip ticket

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