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Big Brother 18: Week 7 POV Results

Today’s veto competition is will be another one that completely determines how this week goes. Whether Michelle or Zakiyah stay nominated, or if one of them manages to pull themselves down and The Executives come up with a new plan to backdoor someone else.


James, Natalie, and Paulie were chosen to play alongside Victor, Michelle, and Zakiyah. The houseguests believe today’s veto was going to be a luxury competition, which makes things all the more interesting for players like James who had no intention of winning the actual veto. It’ll also be interesting if Paulie were to win today as him and Paul have been at odds over who they should get out this week.

This week’s veto competition took nearly eight hours to compete and another hour or two of cleaning up the aftermath. It was the Hide N Seek competition where they had to search for each other’s vetos that were hidden around the house.


Big Brother 18 Week 7 Power of Veto Competition Results –

  • Paulie

Paulie winning means that we’ll get to see if he’s going to risk the PP alliance by taking Zakiyah off, or just keep the nominations the same and try to rally the votes to keep Zakiyah. It’ll be interesting to see regardless.

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