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Big Brother 18: Week 7 POV Ceremony Results

This week’s veto ceremony could have been one of the more interesting ceremonies of the year, but since the nominee that many figured would be taken down was warned more than a day in advance of the actual ceremony.


The two nominees are Michelle and Zakiyah. Paulie, Zakiyah’s closest ally since the start of the game, was the one who managed to win the veto. While Paulie and Zakiyah have been close, he’s placed most of his loyalty to Corey and Paul, and currently some faux loyalty in Victor. To keep from upsetting Paul and Victor, Paul told them that he’d do the same that they’d do if they were to win it.

While it was possible that Paulie decided to blindside Victor by taking Zakiyah off, that was always going to be extremely unlikely. He would alienate both Paul and Victor, two people who have proven to have the ability to win competitions.


Big Brother 18 Week 7 POV Ceremony Results –

  • Paulie decided to NOT use the POV
  • Either Michelle or Zakiyah will be evicted on Thursday

Paulie warned Zakiyah on Friday that he likely wasn’t going to use the veto, but told her that she has nothing to worry about since James has the power to cancel out two votes and is on their side. While that might have been true at the time, James has since reconsidered doing what Paulie wants, setting him up for a possible blindside if he doesn’t warn Paulie before Thursday.

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