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Big Brother 18: Week 7 POV Ceremony Plans

It’s been a pretty interesting week thus far, and it’s only going to get even more-so after today’s veto ceremony. Paulie has been at odds with Paul over who they should get out this week, however, the one thing they do agree on is what should be done with the veto.


Paul has been on a crusade this week, making it known to everyone in his group that he wants Zakiyah gone, making every excuse in the book as to why they should get her out, but Paulie thinks they should get Michelle out. The difference between the two is that Paulie actually has the numbers to do what he wants.

Since Paulie won the veto, he could just use the veto on Zakiyah and that would be that. There would be no need to try to sway Paul to get on board with keeping her, but Paul doesn’t want to openly go against Paul and Victor like that. Instead, Paulie decided to not use the veto. Paulie even warned Zakiyah that he wasn’t going to use it, but reassured her that she’s just going to be a pawn and has nothing to worry about.

So unless something extreme happens this morning, it looks like Paulie will not use the veto, leaving Michelle and Zakiyah on the block. Paul and Victor think that Zakiyah will be going out, but Corey, Nicole, and Paulie have other plans. However, earlier this morning it seems like James now wants Michelle out, which means that he could cancel out two of Zakiyah’s three votes, ensuring that she goes home. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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