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Big Brother 18: Week 7 Nomination Plans

This week’s nominees will again be what Paulie and Paul want them to be, as someone who they’ve been keeping close, Victor, managed to win the Head of Household. However, this week will be different than those in the past. This week there will be no pawn, just two targets.


Victor has been in a “I don’t care” kind of attitude for about a week now, so with him winning HOH, it we were bound to get some big nominees from the original Eight Pack alliance. The caveat is that Paulie and Paul are the ones who are actually calling the shots, and the potential nominees know that.

Paulie and Paul planted enough seeds last week that Victor came to the conclusion of nominating Michelle and Zakiyah on his own, which is exactly what Paulie and Paul were wanting. Paulie is pushing for Zakiyah to be the main target, with Michelle only being targeted if Zakiyah were to win veto and take herself off. Paulie and Paul have been playing dumb with both Michelle and Zakiyah, telling the girls that Victor is refusing to tell them who he’s going to nominate, which will either work out perfectly for them or blow up in their face as Michelle and Zakiyah compare notes with Victor.

That being said, we don’t know anything for sure until the nomination ceremony is held later today and see the reactions Michelle and Zakiyah have to being blindsided, that is if nobody fills them in ahead of time.

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