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Big Brother 18: Week 7 HOH Competition Results

This week’s HOH competition will determine if the plan Paulie and Paul had put together will either go forward or be put to a halt with someone new in power that might be willing to take a shot at them.


This week’s competition was an endurance where the houseguests had to hold onto a rope while being swung around in circles and put through the paces. Today’s endurance didn’t last as long as they usually do, as the winner only had to stay holding on for about two hours. However, none of that matters since the end result is all the same!


Big Brother 18 Week 7 Head of Household Competition –

  • Victor


This was best case scenario for Paulie’s group, as they wanted Victor to win it so that he could go after people that they weren’t willing to, such as Nicole and James. However, Victor has it out for Natalie after her goodbye speech, so we’ll have to see whether Victor goes along with what Paulie and Paul want or not.

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