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Big Brother 18: Week 7 Eviction Plans

It’s been an absotluetly insane week in the Big Brother house with multiple flips on who they’re going to get out, but as of the morning the eviction, the houseguests have finally settled on who they’re going to evict tonight.


Victor nominated Michelle and Zakiyah for eviction. Paulie managed to win the veto, but he decided to not use it to save his current showmance, Zakiyah, leaving her vulnerable to be evicted during the live show. Paulie believed, and for good reason, that he’d be able to control the votes this week as he had in all the week prior, but a special power put everything in the hands of James.

James received America’s Care Package, which gave him the ability to cancel out two votes during the live eviction of two people he doesn’t want voting. After days of discussion and convincing from both Bridgette and Natalie, he agreed to cancel our Corey and Paul’s vote.

Bridgette and Natalie also campaigned for Michelle to stay this week over Zakiyah, being that Paulie wanted Michelle out. They told James about how Paulie had been running the house this entire time and was only using them. They go James on board, who in turn got Paul on board, who also managed to get Victor on board. That is four eligible voters who want to save Michelle when they’ll only need three. However, they plan to cancel out Paul’s vote since Paul asked him to, making it so that Paulie will still trust him and gave him information that they can use.

Paulie is still completely in the dark, as made clear by his fight with Michelle last night. It’s not just him who don’t know about the flip. It’s also Corey, Nicole, and Zakiyah. Being how things transpired last night, today’s eviction is likely to be a blindside, or at least won’t be known until just minutes from the start of tonight’s show. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes this morning before the live feeds go down!

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