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Big Brother 18: Week 6 POV Ceremony Results

This week’s veto ceremony will be a big one, as a new backdoor plan will be executed. That being said, this week’s backdoor plan isn’t as set in stone as ones previous. There are still a few that want to sabotage the plan that will be put in motion this afternoon.

Big Brother 18 Power of Veto Ceremony - Source: CBS

Big Brother 18 Power of Veto Ceremony – Source: CBS

Paul nominated Bridgette and Paulie, with the intention of having Paulie win the veto so that they could put up their actual target. However, Paul has said numerous times in private conversations that he’s only putting up today’s replacement nominee to appease the one side of the house with the actual intention of still sending Bridgette home.

That being said, Paulie has been working on Paul relentlessly to get him back on board with their original backdoor plan. It sounds like Paulie has successfully got Paul on his side again, but we won’t know until after today’s ceremony.


Big Brother 18 Week 6 POV Ceremony Results –

  • Paulie used the POV on himself.
  • Paul nominated Da’Vonne in Paulie’s place.
  • Bridgette and Da’Vonne are nominated for eviction.


The current majority’s plan is to get Da’Vonne out now that they’ve finally been given the perfect opportunity. However, one of their votes, James, has also made comments in private on trying to sabotage the vote to evict Da’Vonne, so who knows what could end up happening. It’s likely that Paulie’s group is going to need to flip one more person to be able to get out who they want.

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