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Big Brother 18: Week 6 Eviction Plans

Tonight’s eviction has been planned for the last couple weeks and has been executed exactly how Paulie and Paul had planned. However, the one thing that could throw a wrench in everything is if the evictee has the round-trip ticket, which is something that they couldn’t have planned for.


Bridgette and Paulie were nominated to begin this week, with everyone assuming that Bridgette was the target and Paulie was the pawn. However, Paulie and Paul knew that both nominees were pawns and their real target was left off the block so that they couldn’t compete in veto and save themselves. Paulie managed to win the veto, which gave Paul his opportunity to put up their real target, which was Da’Vonne.

The only people who weren’t in on the plan to backdoor Da’Vonne on Thursday were Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Zakiyah. Everyone else knows that Da’Vonne is the real target while Bridgette is just the pawn. The three that don’t know about the plan still don’t know about it, and likely won’t unless someone like James spills the beans just before the live show.

Today’s vote will likely be 6-2 to evict Da’Vonne. There is a chance, however, that Natalie throws a vote towards Da’Vonne, which would really throw a wrench into things in terms of fallout from the eviction, as James would likely take the blame, which would completely backfire in Natalie’s face since she talked about possibly voting for Da’Vonne so that Day didn’t think that James crossed her. But Natalie throwing out a wonky vote is unlikely since she told James that she’d vote how he would, and he currently plans on voting out Da’Vonne with the rest of the house.

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