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Big Brother 18: Week 5 POV Ceremony Plans

The veto ceremony is later today, which means that we’ll have our final nominees that’ll be up for eviction this Thursday. This veto ceremony is the only hope Frank and Bridgette have when it comes to both of them staying.

Michelle Meyer from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Michelle Meyer from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

Bridgette and Frank were both nominated this week by James, with the intention of sending Frank home. However, the veto winning, Michelle, wants Bridgette to go home. Paulie even brought up to James that Michelle could possibly use the veto on Frank to ensure that Bridgette is the one they send home.

When James, Michelle, Paulie, Paul, and Natalie all got together, Michelle told them that she’s going to honor what James wants since he’s the HOH. James explained to her that they need to get Frank out now because the odds of getting him back on the block are slim, while James said that it would be easy for them to put Bridgette right back up there the next week.

There is always the possibility that Michelle goes off-script, but as of now, that is looking very unlikely. Michelle knows that taking Frank off means that vote could possibly flip, leaving both Frank and Bridgette in the house. By keeping the nominations the same, Michelle can ensure that either Bridgette or Frank go home. That being said, Michelle is likely to keep the nominations the same, but still campaign for them to send Bridgette out the door on Thursday.

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