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Big Brother 18: Week 4 Nomination Ceremony Results

It’s once again nomination day in the Big Brother house and for the second week in a row, the majority alliance’s plan to get Frank out was once again put to the wayside because Frank was made safe for the week when Paulie was the one who won the HOH. However, a new clear target did emerge.

Big Brother 18 Nominations revealed - Source: CBS

Big Brother 18 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

It didn’t take long before everyone who flipped the vote to keep Tiffany started regretting it, and for good reason. She blew a lot of their game up last night, including leaking a ton of information to Frank and confronting Da’Vonne. Tiffany made herself out to be public enemy #1 with that spiel, but many things can change if she actually is nominated outright by Paulie.


Big Brother 18 Week 4 Nominations –

  • Natalie & Tiffany


The obvious target is Tiffany, with Natalie as the backup target. While Paulie doesn’t completely know it yet, Frank and Bridgette both plan on using the veto on Tiffany if they win it, which would force them to nominate someone from their own alliance, which means that there would be two members of the majority alliance nominated next to Natalie. However, it’s not worth speculating until the Roadkill is played, we see who wins it and same goes for the POV. You’re not going to want to miss any of this action, nonetheless. You can watch the entire week’s worth of drama on the live feeds for FREE with a 7 day trial by signing up here.

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