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Big Brother 18: Week 4 Head of Household Competition Results

This week’s Head of Household competition will determine if Frank will orchestrate the eviction of another member of his alliance, or if the majority alliance’s plan to get him out will finally start to take shape after it had to be placed on the back-burner last week.

Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother HOH competition – Source: CBS

Julie Chen hosts the Big Brother HOH competition – Source: CBS

With the vote being flipped to keep Tiffany last minute, Frank was completely blindsided, which showed him that someone has been lying to him and playing him all week long. Paulie, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Nicole, and Corey all expected Frank to go all out during this HOH competition after being blindsided, but Michelle and Paulie planned to throw it to ensure that Frank stays eligible for nomination.

Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Corey, Nicole, and Tiffany are just some of many that are actually going to try to win this week’s HOH competition, instead of nearly everyone trying to throw it like in previous weeks. Since it’s a memory competition and not completely physical, throwing it to ensure that their team loses is going to be harder than it previous would have been.


Big Brother 18 Week 4 Head of Household Competition –

  • Round 1: Corey, James, Zakiyah, Natalie, and Paul are eliminated
  • Round 2: Nobody is eliminated
  • Round 3: Tiffany, Michelle, and Da’Vonne are eliminated
  • Round 4: Paulie is the new HOH

This means that Category Four, which Frank is apart of, are safe from eviction this week, which completely throws a wrench in everyone’s plans again. It’s going to be an insane week after the eviction blindside, so you’re not going to want to miss any of it. You can watch the entire week on the Live Feeds for FREE with a 7 day trial here.

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