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Big Brother 18: Week 4 Eviction Results

It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, though this week’s eviction isn’t like any other this summer. This week’s evictee will have the best shot at returning, as they’ll be the final houseguest to compete in the Battle Back competition!

Julie Chen has Big Brother 18 news - Source: CBS

Julie Chen has Big Brother 18 news – Source: CBS

This week’s nominees are Natalie, Tiffany, and Da’Vonne, with only Natalie being the universally accepted pawn. All campaigning this week revolved around getting either Da’Vonne or Natalie out. Tiffany had Frank in her corner, campaigning for her just about every day of the week, who also managed to get Nicole and Corey in her corner, but that is as far as the support went.

Paulie seemed completely set in stone with his want to get Tiffany out, and nobody wanted to go against his wishes. Corey and Nicole both said themselves that they weren’t going to vote Day out without Paulie’s blessing, so unless Nicole and Frank were able to convince Corey last minute before the live show, things weren’t looking to good for Tiffany.


Big Brother 18 Week 4 Votes –

  • Bridgette votes to evict Tiffany
  • Corey votes to evict Tiffany
  • Frank votes to evict Tiffany
  • James votes to evict Tiffany
  • Michelle votes to evict Tiffany
  • Nicole votes to evict Tiffany
  • Paul votes to evict Tiffany
  • Zakiyah votes to evict Tiffany
  • By a vote of 8-0-0, Tiffany has been evicted.

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