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Big Brother 18: Week 4 Eviction Plans

It’s been a pretty crazy week in the Big Brother house with confrontations and new alliances being formed between people who were former enemies. Similar to last week, there were people who wanted to go off script with a vote flip.

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Tiffany Rousso from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

Everyone’s plan heading into this week was to get Frank out, but with Paulie winning HOH and securing safety for his entire team, they had to fallback onto a different target. It didn’t take long for them to focus on Tiffany and for Tiffany to solidify that by blowing up some games to Frank, explaining alliances that were made behind his back, as well as telling him about Corey and Paulie wanting to target him.

After letting the dust settle from Tiffany’s confrontation with Da’Vonne, Frank went to work on Paulie’s group trying to flip the votes. Someone who got on board pretty quickly was Corey, who then got Nicole on board with him. That meant that they’d have Frank, Bridgette, Corey, and Nicole voting Da’Vonne out, but that is only enough to force a tie and Paulie wasn’t convinced that keeping Tiffany in another week was a good idea.

After unsuccessfully campaigning to Paulie on why Da’Vonne should be the one to go this week, Nicole and Corey backed up, telling Frank that they’re not going to go against the grain by doing what Paulie doesn’t want. Nicole sat Frank down and explained to him that they weren’t going to have the votes until Paulie was convinced, which likely wasn’t going to happen. Frank warned Tiffany late last night that it didn’t look like they were going to have the votes unless Paulie had a change of heart about her. Tiffany thanked him for telling her and campaigning for her. She said that she’s just going to try to stay positive and hope for the best.

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