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Big Brother 18: Week 3 Roadkill Competition Results

This week’s Roadkill competition is another crucial one that would end up swaying who goes home on Thursday. With a target and a pawn sitting next to each other on the block, a BB Roadkill could allow for either a bigger target to be put up or someone who is an easy out.

BB Roadkill from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

BB Roadkill from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

This week’s nominees are Tiffany and Paul, with Tiffany being the main target and Paul being the pawn that ensures Tiffany is the one who goes home. Unlike last week, Tiffany has a chance to not only play in the Roadkill competition, but will also get a shot at the veto to either put up a target bigger than her or take herself off the block.

The Eight Pack alliance, minus Frank, is wanting to either nominate Bronte with the Roadkill power, that way they could send her home and keep Tiffany to fight against Frank another day. Frank on the other hand has made it clear that he’s wanting to take out big targets such as Corey, so things could really be shaken up if he were to win.


Big Brother 18 Week 3 BB Roadkill Results –

  • Frank


Frank won it and let it be known to his Eight Pack alliance members. This means that he’ll getto put up another nominee of his choice. It’ll be an interesting week moving forward now that the people banding together against Frank can’t put up a bigger target than Tiffany. Now everything comes down to the Power of Veto!

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