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Big Brother 18: Week 3 Nomination Ceremony Results

We’ve made it to another Friday morning, which means that it’s time for another nomination ceremony. This week’s HOH is Bridgette, someone who is actually not in the majority alliance or has a deal with the majority alliance.

Big Brother 18 Nominations revealed - Source: CBS

Big Brother 18 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

There is one person who does have Bridgette’s ear, and that is Frank. She’s willing to seriously consider nominating just about anyone he says and even some bigger targets than he’s wanting to have nominated right now. Unlike last week, Bridgette is going to nominate Frank’s main target for him outright instead of trying for a backdoor.


Big Brother 18 Week 3 Nominations –

  • Tiffany & Paul


Tiffany was nominated as the main target with Paul being the pawn that is there to hopefully secure Tiffany’s fate this week. The core of Eight Pack’s plan is to win Roadkill so that they can nominate either Bronte or Natalie, giving Tiffany a chance to save herself. However, there was a plenty of talk yesterday afternoon about just getting Tiffany out because of fear she’ll turn on them and throw them under the bus to protect herself.

Nonetheless, it’s going to be a great week of live feeds and you can watch the entire thing for free with a seven day trial by signing up here!

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